Gloria Estefan reveals how she feels about her daughter’s preferences

June is considered as the month of the LGBTQ+ communityso many artists have spoken on the subject and Gloria Estefan is no exception, because having an openly lesbian daughter, she spoke out on the subject.

In an interview with various media outlets, the 64-year-old singer shared the reaction she had when her daughter Emily He told her about his preferences.

“My daughter is perfect as wine. She had trouble accepting herself and thinking that maybe in the world she was going to have a problem. We (her family of hers) have not had to accept her because she is perfect as she is”, maintained the interpreter of ‘Conga’.

This is what Gloria Estefan had to say:

Also, he pointed out that “It was difficult” for his daughter to say that he was homosexual, but he also assured that it was “amazing” for her that Emily had kept her identity to herself for so long, since she indicated that “always gave him confidence”.

However, he commented that both have “grown up”, and now his daughter “he is very happy” next to his family and partner.

Gloria Estefan assures that her family supports her daughter

On the other hand, he sent a message to all Latinos who belong to the LGBTQ+ movement: “Every human being should be able to live their life happily as they are and be accepted, as long as they don’t hurt anyone, and that’s the most important thing”.

Emily Marie Consuelo Estefanbetter known as Emily Estefan, 27, began a relationship with Gemeny Hernández in December 2016.

Gloria Estefan's daughter has followed in the footsteps of the singer

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