“Going to a concert should not be a luxury item”


Singer Ana Menawho has received the nickname of “queen of the working class” Due to the price of his concert tickets, he considers it “important” that they have an affordable cost.

I am always of the opinion that going to a concert should not be a luxury item. Anyone should be able to go to a concert“, he affirms in an interview with Europa Press on the occasion of the presentation of his new album ‘Bellodrama’, in which he specifies, however, that he understands that great artists like Beyoncé have to “raise the price for the incredible production and the people who work behind”.

For the artist, ‘Bellodrama’ is an “attitude towards life” and “the enjoyment of melancholy“, a personal project where he has included songs that address that feeling and that of heartbreak.

Mena has taken five years to release a new album, despite the success of his ‘singles’ in Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland and Portugal, because he was looking for his sound. “I found it two years ago and started with ‘Bellodrama’. Since then, it’s been a constant evolution,” he added.

The album is inspired by stories that come from his own experience and those around him. “I am inspired by the things that happen to the people around me and the stories of young people, their loves and heartbreaks“, has pointed out to ensure that it is a tribute to Pop, which is what she likes the most and where she feels most comfortable.

However, Mena does not give up doing urban songs and adds that flamenco is always present in her life and is reflected in her way of singing. “I don’t like labels, I’d rather be an artist who moves and navigates between different genres“, he has sentenced.


On the other hand, the artist has announced that one of her concerts on the tour will be at the WiZink Center in Madrid, which she sees as “a big step” in her musical career.

“The timing of announcing a WiZink is important for any artist. I’ve been lucky enough to be on that stage at many radio events. It is always a square that impresses”, he acknowledged, while stressing that “we have been working for years to get a venue like that”.

In any case, with a career that she began to build since she was very young, Mena considers that “everything comes when it has to come”, although at times she has thought of “throwing in the towel”. “There are many years pursuing the same goal. The roads always have their obstacles and there are many moments when you get overwhelmed and frustrated, but in the end you are more moved by the love for what you do“, she confesses, to add that another facet of her career that she “loves” is acting and her roles as an actress.

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