Going to dinner with Hollywood stars or getting marriage advice: This is the surprising auction of actors to show solidarity with the strike

Lena Dunham, Adam Scott, Bob Odenkirk and Maggie Gyllenhaal lent their services to the cause

Have you ever wondered what watercolor would be like? Winston Churchill, take the dog for a walk with you from ben wyatt parks and Recreation, What kind of narration classes would you like to take from the director of ? His or zoom in on the cast new girl, Are you stuck with your Sunday puzzle? Don’t worry, there is an actress in Hollywood willing to help you.

No, we are not inventing anything nor is it a dream. The actors’ union has come up with this unique way to show solidarity with the affected people by supporting the strike and earning a few dollars in the process. An issue that thousands of great stars have already defended. Hollywood And now it’s reached the point where they are offering to make all kinds of schemes with their fans to get money to continue funding these protests that are keeping the film industry in suspense.

personality of ability bob odenkirk ,better call Saul, maggie gyllenhaal ,dark Knight, spike jones ,His, Lena Dunham ,girls) or actors from mythological series such as bones one of two new girl They are offering their services through various holiday schemes and selling collector’s items to raise every possible fund. All this with prices that vary from one thousand to seven thousand dollars and largely depend on the bids people place.

For example, a 20-minute session with actress and director Maggie Gyllenhaal might cost $950, while a watercolor John LithgowBarney Stinson’s father How I Met Your Mother or in Winston Churchill Crown It currently pays $4,250 with 34 bids. They’re not alone, as this time also includes such unusual plans as Adam Scott taking your dog for a walk for an hour, getting marriage advice Rosemary DeWitt And Ron Livingston Or take a ceramics class busy phillips, To this we must also add some objects of value to collectors, such as a script steven sordbergDirector’s DVD star wars Ryan Johnson Or even the authentic apron that Jeremy White uses in the Allen fashion series, Bear,

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As curious and difficult to believe as celebrities providing such unexpected services is, social networks have not been slow to do their part and are working to bring out all kinds of memes. by slapping chris rock How to do Will Smith At the Oscars or to convince Matt Damon to buy the zoo once and for all, the networks are filled with imaginary proposals from celebrities, which are not real, but make clear the surreality of the proposal.

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It didn’t take long for the memes to arrive. pic.twitter.com/Hj2eK9bXdv

– Alberto Lechuga (@AlbertoLechugaG) 14 September 2023

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