Goji Berries, the superfood that has conquered the over 60s

The Goji berries they are small red fruits that have been enjoying growing popularity in recent years. Inserted several times among the so-called superfood, this natural remedy is also becoming popular among over 60. Thanks to its beneficial properties, which have made it a real trend.

Let’s start with some curiosity. The origins of Goji berries are to be found in Asia, more precisely within the territory between Nepal, Himalaya and Mongolia. The plant from which they are derived belongs to the family of Solanaceae, while the most popular variety is Xing Dai.

Calories and nutritional values

The over 60s pay attention to calories they will have to take into account the type of berries purchased. There are conflicting references regarding the caloric intake of this superfood: around 320 kcal for some, between 90 and 100 calories for others. The difference is probably due to the type of product considered, with the dried versions associated with the higher caloric intake (320 kcal) compared to fresh products (about 100).

Coming to the nutritional values it is useful to remember the presence of vitamins, precious for children, adults and seniors. We find vitamin A, some compounds of group B (B1, B2 and B3), the always very useful vitamin C and E. The contribution of mineral salts such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, chromium, manganese, is also far from negligible. selenium, potassium, copper and zinc.

Helps to make Goji berries a superfood also the presence of 18 amino acids, both essential and non-essential. These include fatty acids, plant sterols, flavonoids, betaine and carotenoids.

Properties and contraindications

Natural antioxidants and remedy againstaging are the two main keys to the success attributed to Goji berries. However, it does not end here, since the reasons why they are popular among the over 60s go far beyond that. Several studies have also associated this superfood with an action to control LDL cholesterol, usually defined as “bad”, and to counteract hypertension.

Do not overlook the indications that also see the Asian superfood as a powerful one anti-tumor. Added to these are the benefits for the eyes, the result of the presence of lutein and carotene in the berries.

The liver and the gastrointestinal system also benefit from it. They also offer help to the male fertility stimulating the production of sperm.

Finally coming at contraindications, which among the over 60s are mainly linked to specific factors. For example, they can induce hypotension and hypoglycemia. They should also be avoided when using anticoagulant medical treatments or for the treatment of hypertension and diabetes.

Goji berries for weight loss

The presence of zinc and chromium acts as a stimulant for the metabolism of macronutrients. This action is also associated with the stimulation of the sense of satiety, which will help to avoid unhealthy snacks or too large portions. They do not represent a magic bullet in any case, but must be included in a balanced diet. Unlike what is indicated below, valid for all others, whoever wants lose weight should keep the consumption of Goji berries at around 15 grams per day.

How many Goji berries to eat per day?

After talking about calories and consuming this superfood to lose weight, here we are with the queen question: how many Goji berries to eat per day? For adults, including seniors, the maximum daily amount recommended is about 30 grams. This weight is equivalent to about three tablespoons a day.

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