Gold Badge for Galician health research

The Board of Directors and the Assembly of Members of the Association of Galician Physicians unanimously decided at its last meeting to award the Asomega 2022 Gold Badge to the three Galician health research institutes: IDIS, Inibic and IIS Galicia Sur. Thus they take over Mary Jesus Lamasdirector of the (Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products), which received this distinction last year.

The purpose of these institutes is focused on promote collaboration between professionals who research in Biomedicineensuring that health needs are addressed in an integrated manner from basic research to clinical and applied research, to finally develop solutions for the patient.

Therefore, according to Julio Ancocheapresident of Asomega, these entities “bring together the fundamental issues that define our association: teaching, research and assistance as axes of health action”. In addition, he highlights that the recent accreditation of the center from Vigo by the Carlos III Health Institute it closes the circle and makes Galicia the community with the most accredited institutes, only surpassed by Madrid, Barcelona and Andalusia.

Both the Minister of Health, Julio Garcia Comesanaas well as the three scientific directors of the institutes (Eva Poveda, IIS Galicia Sur; María Luz Couce Pico, IDIS and María del Mar Castellanos Rodrigo, Inibic) have expressed their satisfaction with the recognition by Asomega of these entities, whose relevance in the Galician health system as a whole is increasingly notorious.

The gold badge It is the highest distinction of the Association of Galician Doctors that with this year reaches its 25th edition. It is awarded to a Galician personality for their support of the entity or for their work in favor of Galicia and its culture. As a general rule, it is granted on an individual basis, although the institutional variant that is given in this year’s award already occurred in its 18th edition, when the recipient was Cáritas España.

A model of success

The model of health research institutes (IIS) of the Carlos III Health Institute started in 2009. The IIS are research entities organized around hospitals and Primary Care centers of the National Health System (SNS), with the participation of universities, public and private research centers and companies.

Its purpose is to strengthen the hospital as a research center in a teaching, care and research environment that brings together basic, clinical and health services researchand that translates into translational research of excellence.

In them, multidisciplinary teams with researchers from various fields (clinical, academic, innovative, business…) work jointly and transversally to generate knowledge that can be applied to improve the health of the population.

The Carlos III Health Institute accredits these centers and the mere observation of the self assessment template required of them to do so gives clues to the level of demand that is placed on them. Among other things, they are asked to:

  • A hospital care report of the last five years that describes those aspects that guarantee “that the care and technological level allows the development of teaching and research of excellence”.

  • A description of the teaching unit of the hospital indicating the number of medical students, doctoral programs, number of theses, etc.

  • The hospital is required to have 24 accredited units for specialized health training.

  • The number of published articles or citations in media with an international impact factor is valued.

Although it may contain statements, data or notes from health institutions or professionals, the information contained in Redacción Médica is edited and prepared by journalists. We recommend to the reader that any health-related questions be consulted with a health professional.

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