Gonzalo Peña sends a statement after the accusation in the case of Daniela Berriel

In March 2021 Daniela Berriel denounced having been a victim of alleged abuse and pointed to the actor Gonzalo Pena What accomplice of his aggressor. After the accusation, Gonzalo disappeared from the public eyeclosed his social networks and fled, because an arrest warrant already weighed on him and he was even left out of the soap opera ‘What’s wrong with my family?’

By October of that same year and after receiving the legal pardon from the actress, and declaring in her favor in the case she took against the person responsible, Peña surprised Internet users by reactivating her official Instagram account.

A few hours ago, Gonzalo Peña sent a statement to share his feelings after the legal situation in which he was involved.

“After a while, I have decided to address you, more than anything I felt that I owed it to myself. It is not easy to deal with the situation in which I was involved. I have needed and still need time to heal because it has truly been an unfortunate time in my life.but always with the faith that God’s times are perfect”reads at the beginning of the statement.

“A few months ago I was legally ordered innocent of all that he was apparently guilty of… Out of respect for me, my family and everyone involved I will not touch this topic again”sentenced the actor.

Gonzalo Peña reappears and sends a strong statement

Finally, “This will remain as a bitter part of my past, but always with a clear conscience. Life goes on and I with it… I feel calm that justice has been done, that being said I decide once and for all to close this cyclehe declared.

Gonzalo Peña reappears after the case of Daniela Berriel

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