Gonzalo Valenzuela reveals that his son suffers from epilepsy

Gonzalo Valenzuela Revealed their eldest son suffered a painful deformity, Sylvester, 15 years old. The actor told how he faced it Live from instagram with the doctor kerima acevedo, “It was very strong,” he said.

famous national actor Epilepsy League is part of the campaignand in the most recent live, it was One of the guests supporting the cause, there he mentioned He participated in this league for personal reasons, as his son had been suffering from epilepsy since the age of 12.

,One of my sons is suffering from Epilepsy and people who have not experienced it and who do not know it also have to be aware and learn about it.“, he pointed.

alive, who seeks rRaise funds and raise awareness among people about such a common deformitya guest came recognized in the national media,

Dr. Acevedo LHe asked Gonzalo Valenzuela some questionsAbout which the actor himself has told what it’s like to live with epilepsy and that fear felt when the first crisis befell his son,

Gonzalo Valenzuela reveals that his eldest son suffers from epilepsy

Gonzalo Valenzuela reveals exclusively one in Live supporting the epilepsy community that his eldest son, Silvestre, is the result of relations with Argentina Juana ViallHe is suffering from this particular disease.

take it easy actor told all my experience, which defines it as painful. He also told that thanks to his story many people can take Pathology Awareness,

,There is always information missing, and (these examples) are greatly appreciated. I am part of the league for personal reasons”, he began to say.

,One of my sons is suffering from Epilepsy and people who haven’t experienced it and don’t know it also need to be aware and learn about it., Added.

That’s when he started telling all about it your child’s first seizure,

,Sylvester who is 15 years old. At the age of 12, he faced crisis for the first time and it was a very painful experience. I was alone with him and from that day my more wild life changed. I am totally related to this topic as I have a personal experience and I think it is always good to share“, he pointed.

,It was very strong. I was here at home, and my kids asked me to sleep in my bed. When I went to bed, I woke up with some shaking and I didn’t understand what was happening… Sylvester was in an unrecognizable state. My body went numb, I held him in my arms so that his brother would not wake up and I ran out with him and I thought he was dead.”, he pointed out, clearly impressed.

,I didn’t understand what was happening, purple lips and wild eyes. I ran outside and a friend took us to the clinic. I went to the vineyard and from there they referred me to Santiago. And then I realized it was a seizure“, he pointed.

,I calmed down a bit because I understood what it was, but a new world began to be discovered,

Furthermore, Gonzalo Valenzuela said that at first he thought it was due to dental problems because a few days ago, when Sylvestre woke up, he had a little blood on the sheet and took her to the dentist because she thought it was thrush.

,It’s awful and extremely painful and everything is fine when it’s clear what they have and how to clear it.“, he pointed.

Also the actor also tells that his son is growing up and he has grown up A job so that he can understand and accept it.

,He told me he’s fine and he’s never been the same as I used to be“, He added.

He ends with the news that he has a teenage son He is already undergoing treatment and his last injury was a year ago on a planebut indicates to be calm because You already have the knowledge to deal with it.

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