Good news: Several reservoirs increase their levels after heavy rains yesterday

The heavy rains recorded yesterday on the island as a result of a tropical wave benefited several of the reservoirs, specifically those in the eastern part of Puerto Rico.

As revealed this morning by the daily monitoring graph of the Aqueduct and Sewer Authority, nine of the 11 main reservoirs saw an increase in their levels.

The most significant was the Carraízo reservoir, which rose 1.64 meters to reach the safety level. Likewise, the Patillas reservoir increased by 1.45 meters and was also located at the security level.

Graph of the reservoirs.
Graph of the reservoirs. (Capture)

The water bodies of Carite, Río Blanco, Caonillas, and Fajardo increased by 49, 45, 4, and 31 centimeters, respectively, and also managed to reach their safe level.

On the other hand, the La Plata and Cidra reservoirs increased 3 and 12 centimeters respectively, however, this was not enough to alleviate the drought they have been going through for several months. Both bodies of water are still under observation level.

Guajataca and Cerillos were the only two bodies of water that saw a drop in the last 24 hours with 3 centimeters each. The first was located at the operational adjustment level, while the second at the observation level.

According to estimates from the National Meteorological Service in San Juan, the tropical wave left between three and eight inches in several towns in the east of the country, while the metropolitan area and the center received an accumulated of between 1.5 and three inches.

The western area received the least with estimates below one inch.

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