Good thing Britney Spears didn’t get the role in a classic romantic movie

At this point we are more than used to receiving dozens of new movies and series every week (and more so now with the emergence of streaming), but the truth is that it is not easy to get a project off the ground. Sometimes a production can spend years, decades, wandering in creative limbo. Even without getting started despite the efforts of directors and screenwriters who spend a long time developing an idea. And this is the case of Noa’s diary, the 2004 romantic classic that came to have steven spielberg interested and with the idea of ​​signing Tom Cruise as leading man.

And before Nick Cassavetes accepted the director’s job and hired Ryan Gosling Y Rachel McAdams as stars of the story, the names of filmmaker Jim Sheridan (My left Foot) and Martin Campbell (Royal Casino), as well as George Clooney Y Paul Newman in the young and adult version of Noa. But there is more: even Britney Spears she was involved struggling to get the part of Allie. And luckily they didn’t give it to him.

Promotional poster for 'Noa's Diary'  (New Line Cinema)

Promotional poster for ‘Noa’s Diary’ (New Line Cinema)

In 2004 no one could have predicted that this adaptation of the Nicholas Sparks novel would become one of the highest-grossing romantic dramas of all time. It was received with mixed reviews that negatively highlighted the sentimental manipulation of the plot, while the initial reception of the box office was nothing to write home about. However, the public showed that they always have the last word. The romantic effect and the chemistry between its protagonists was generating conversation, reaching a worldwide collection of $117 million that continued in the home-video, where sales reached 11 million copies in 2010 (L.A. Times). Noa’s diary It was crowned, without a doubt, as a classic of the genre.

Ryan Gosling was the only actor that director Nick Cassavetes envisioned in the role of Noa. I wanted a performer unknown to the general public, who was not the handsome movie heartthrob typical of romantic Hollywood stories. Very different from what Steven Spielberg wanted when he thought of directing it years ago, in 1998, with Tom Cruise. That idea never progressed enough due to the filmmaker’s busy schedule, and he alone considered it for a few months.

Gosling jumped on board, moving to Charleston, South Carolina, where the story takes place, for two months to prepare for the role and learn how to create furniture like his character. But finding the perfect actress for the role of Allie was another story. The production was in a hurry to find her since the studio had given them a week to find “someone special”, As casting director Matthew Barry told AND! in 2021. They began a nationwide search throughout the United States and before choosing Rachel McAdams they did camera tests with stars such as Jaime King, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Britney Spears herself.

britney spears live on

Britney Spears live at “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” in 2004, Hollywood & Highland in Hollywood, Calif. (Photo by Gregg DeGuire/WireImage)

At that time, the singer was on the crest of the wave and talked in interviews about expanding her career as an actress. Few remember her, but in 1999 -when she was 17 years old- she closed a deal with Columbia TriStar to have her own series and appear in three episodes of Dawson’s Grows (ew). However, at the same time his musical career exploded and television ended up being left aside. By the time they began their search for Allie, Britney Spears was practically consecrated as the princess of pop and had released Crossroads (Until the end) in 2002, his only feature film that failed to draw the masses as his concerts did. The casting for Noa’s diary took place during that time.

In a 2001 interview with Richard Blackwood, Britney revealed that she had read a romantic script and that she was dying to star in it. And it can’t be other than Noa’s diary. What would make me excited? he asked the interviewer. “Probably get this wonderful movie, a script that I read. They already have someone doing it, but I’d die if they gave it to me […] It’s the most amazing script I’ve ever read. It’s a love story, of course.” then added.

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Taking into account that Noa’s diary began shooting in 2002, the dates match. But Britney didn’t just read the script, she also did a screen test with her old Mickey Mouse Clubmate Ryan Gosling. He himself confirmed ET in 2004. “Yes [hice una prueba con Spears]. She hadn’t seen her since she was 12 – we were both 12 – so she’s grown up, she was pretty cool actually. She did a very nice job” said the actor.

An audition that, according to the casting director, lasted two days and eight hours, placing her very close to getting the character. “They love me” he said in the aforementioned interview. Probably [la decisión] I was between Rachel and Britney at the time.”

But it could not be. Britney did not get the role and after the poor reception of cross roads, his acting career stalled. She from time to time gave us cameos in series like Glee Will & Grace either Jane the Virgin and now, after the end of the legal protection to which she was subjected, there is not even news that she will return to the professional spotlight beyond specific releases, such as the recent song with Elton John, Hold me closer.

Regardless, director Nick Cassavetes has said on several occasions that he knew the role was for Rachel McAdams right away, as soon as he began his screen test and discovered the instant chemistry he shared with Ryan Gosling. Such real chemistry that they were a couple for two years. What’s more, the camera test together is one of the most popular on the network, due to the intensity of his performance and how much he gave himself to the character.

Of the camera test that Britney Spears did there is no trace in networks. Recently an eBay ad appeared asking for a million dollars for it, but it seems impossible to know what happened to the bid and sale of it. She has disappeared. However, I personally have a hard time imagining this movie with Britney Spears in the role of the capricious but loyal Allie. And that’s why I say that thank goodness they didn’t give it to him.

Because at that time it would have been very easy for Noa’s diary It became known as ‘Britney Spears’ movie’, becoming more media food due to the childhood friendship that linked her to Ryan Gosling, or due to her romantic role when at that time only her breakup with Justin Timberlake and new relationship with Kevin were discussed. Federline. Her presence would have taken away any chance of success for the film by its own weight and, consequently, the romantic phenomenon that catapulted the chemistry of its protagonists would not have been experienced.

after all, yes Noa’s diary is the classic that we remember today with loving sentimentality is precisely by Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. They knew how to capture the intensity of the romance that the novel tells, giving us a love story that has managed to touch the hearts of millions of viewers across the planet. That’s why I have my doubts that the same thing would have been achieved with Britney Spears.

In addition, although throughout her career she established herself as a show woman in all rule, the cinematographic drama is not something that he has exercised on screen beyond his video clips. I don’t know about you but I have a hard time imagining her jumping into the arms of Ryan Gosling in the rain.

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