Goodbye Baños, he lost 120 million, America would have a new boss in 2023

Santiago Baños and Club America
Santiago Baños and Club America

Santiago Baños has been the sports president of Club América for the last 5 years, but despite the fact that the fans were fond of him for his time as a technical assistant at the club, that affection has gradually deteriorated.

It is already a custom that every 6 months the fans become a trend in social networks Outside Baños, Well, it’s been 4 years since the last league championship was won and from that moment on in Coapa there have only been failures in sports.

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Bombshell in America, humiliated Guardiola’s City, would reach Coapa in 2023

Baños was sustained at Club América thanks to his financial results at the club, but this week they have received a severe blow because Independiente has once again refused to pay América and in Coapa they have not been able to collect those 120 million pesos about 3 years, all because of Baños who made the decision to do business with said club.

The new boss in America.

According to reports by Jonathan Peña, as of January 2023 the new boss in America will be Hector Gonzalez Iñarritu, who has already been at the club for 6 months and will begin to take control of the team as soon as the year begins, Baños would not leave America but would have different responsibilities.

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