goodbye bat wings: Skull crusher, the exercise to define the shoulders like Queen Letizia


extension of triceps lying down is an isolation exercise that develops the triceps at the back of the upper arm. It is also called

skull crusheror skull crusher, but don’t worry: if you use the right technique you can incorporate it into a training

fitness of the upper body without problems even if you are a beginner.

what you have to do is

lie on your back on a flat gym bench. Your entire body should be on the bench, except for your lower legs. Your

knees are

bent with your

feet flat on the ground. The arms are extended above the chest, the

elbows are placed

shoulder width apart and both hands hold one end of a


How to do Skull Crusher right

Starting from that sitting position,

flex your elbows and lower the weight to the top of the head. The

upper part of your arms should remain relatively

perpendicular to your body. This keeps the

strain in the

triceps instead of transferring it to the shoulders. She continues to lower her weight behind her head.


dumbbell head bottom must be

aligned with the

bench top, or even a little higher if you feel that it is difficult for you to complete it. Reverse the movement until the

weight this

above the chest in the original starting position. Avoid locking the elbow to maintain tension on the triceps muscle.

You can do skull crushers while holding

one dumbbell with both hands or, if you want to use more weight, you can hold

two dumbbells, one in each hand. It is an exercise that admits variations according to your state of form or the objectives that you have set for yourself with your training.

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Skull Crusher Benefits

The Skull Crusher, or Skull Crusher, is a pushing exercise that

isolates the triceps brachii, working it from the elbow to the latissimus dorsi muscle of the back. The triceps brachii contains

three heads which you can aim for by doing several lying triceps extension variations.

You can use this exercise to

correct triceps imbalances, for the rehabilitation of injuries or as part of a bodybuilding routine. You use your triceps for both

push as to pullso strengthening them makes it easier to perform everyday activities like pushing a loaded grocery cart or lifting the sheets when making the bed.

There are other forms of triceps extensions, such as the

overhead extension, which can be an alternative. Both extensions work the triceps in a similar way. An advantage of the lying triceps extension is that

does not put pressure on the wristsso it becomes an exercise suitable for beginners if you master the technique.

Lying Triceps Extension Variations

There are many ways to do this exercise, so you can choose the lying triceps extension variation that works best for you. If you don’t have a weight bench, you can do this exercise

on the floor. you just have to have

be careful when losing weight behind his head. You won’t be able to lower it that far without hitting the ground.

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Some people find it easier to do skull crushers with a

bar than with a dumbbell. However, using a barbell puts more stress on your wrists, so this is something to keep in mind. you may need

strengthen your wrists before using a bar. You can also perform skull crushers in a

inclined benchwhich will affect different areas of the triceps.

Common mistakes

It is essential to maintain a

firm grip to prevent the weight from accidentally slipping from your hands and potentially causing damage or injury to your head or face. If this worries you, it may be good for you

increase your grip strength before starting this exercise.

In addition to keeping a firm grip, try to

do not lower the weight towards the face or the forehead. Instead, it should be brought to

behind your head. Also, be careful not to hit the back of your neck when you lift the dumbbell back to the starting position. Don’t be scared, it’s something difficult to happen.

You can keep the

hands shoulder width apart during this movement. This helps reduce stress on the elbow joints. However, the way you hold the weight

depends on your anatomy and preference, as long as you do not feel pain or discomfort. Do not be afraid even if you are a beginner.

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