Goodbye Ester Exposito; Alejandro Speitzer walks affectionately with a beautiful blonde who fondles him

After having starred in one of today’s most famous and beloved courtships, albeit very short-lived, the Mexican actor from the hit TV series Netflix, dark desire, Alexander Speitzersaid goodbye to Esther Expositoand walks affectionate with beautiful blonde that pinched him from behind.

Although for some months, his ex-girlfriend, Esther Expositowhom he met and dated during the recordings of the Netflix series, someone has to diemaintains a relationship with the Uruguayan actor Nico Furtado; Alexander Speitzer he had been shown enjoying his singleness with his friends in Mexico, as well as in Spain.

However, it was recently speculated that the Mexican could be starting a relationship with the Venezuelan model, Shannon Limawho has had courtships with different personalities from entertainment and sports, such as Saul El Canelo AlvarezMarc Anthony and James Rodriguez.

Still without confirming this rumor, days later, Alexander Speitzer was caught walking down the street in a compromising situation with a beautiful blonde who, they say, is Shannon from Limawho, in addition, was pinching his rear.

The moment was recorded on video, which is already circulating on social networks, and shows the actor who rose to fame in Mexico with the soap opera Ray of Lightand later in Adventures in Time with Belinda and Christopher Uckerman; although the face of her companion is not appreciated very well.

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However, at the moment when alex speitzer realizing he was being recorded, he sped up next to his date, until he was lost in the crowd further on.

Since his participation in someone has to die and dark desire beside Maite Perronithe fame of the actor originally from Culiacán, Sinaloa in Mexico grew internationally, capturing the attention of film directors, as well as large luxury brands, such as Bvlgari, of which he is currently an ambassador.

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Goodbye Ester Exposito

Alexander Speitzer and Esther Exposito they met thanks to Danna Paola, a great friend of the Mexican, who shared the screen with the native of Madrid, Spain, who introduced them. Since then they have become inseparable, although they did not make their relationship official until months later, when the actress even visited Mexico on vacation.

After just over a year of dating, the couple was quite distant on social networks, as they did not interact with comments or likes, as was their custom. But the straw that broke the camel’s back was that they coincided in several events of the brand of which they are both the image, Bulgari, and they didn’t even say “good afternoon”.

Today, everything seems to indicate that Alexander Speitzer gave a new opportunity to love with the model Shannon Lima, although neither of them has spoken about it. For now, the handsome 27-year-old actor is recording a new project in Real del Monte, in Hidalgo, where he has been captured on several occasions by his fans, who have fallen in love, not only with his physique, but with his attitude and accessibility to take photos with everyone.

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