Goodbye ‘Hoy’: After 27 years on Televisa, Galilea Montijo ‘resigns’ the program live

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Mexico City.- the dear driver Galilea Montijo shocked the entire audience Televisa because a few hours ago he confirmed live that he would love to leave the program Todaywhere he has been working around 14 years.

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In recent months, the also actress born in Guadalajara Jaliscohas faced severe scandals and one of the strongest was when it was reported that she herself had decided give up to the San Ángel television station, after being on the air for around 27 years.

It was speculated that his delicate health would have forced her to make this decision, or that even Televisa executives decided fire her for the bad image that was created with its controversies.

And the version was even handled that they planned to give her a break on Mexican television and that they would send her to work on the sister network Univision in Miami, where he would supposedly return to acting. Finally, none of these versions have been confirmed.

However, yesterday morning, Tuesday, March 22, Galilea made it clear that she does want to leave the Las Estrellas morning show and also backing out from Televisa.

While giving a note in which Ariadne Diaz tells how happy she feels to have given herself a 5-year break to dedicate herself to herself and her family, ‘La Montijo’ commented that she is envious and that it is something that she would love to be able to do.

How nice to give you 4 years, right? Oh no, what a delight,” commented the Tapatia while Andrea Legarreta supported her.

For his part, the driver Arath of the Tower He commented that he would in no way stop working for so long: “Yes, you could? 4 years, yes, you could? I say because I can’t”.

And later Galilea added: “Give them to me and then I’ll tell you, I could.”

4 years is a lot, 4 years without doing television, soap operas, theater,” Arath replied.

However, Tania Rincon He ended by recalling that now there are the social media to help celebrities stay current without having to appear daily on the small screen.

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