Goodbye Malagón, America gives you the worst news starting in 2023

Luis Malagon America
Luis Malagon America

The Clausura 2023 will undoubtedly bring one of the most important changes for América in recent years, since for the second time in his career, Memo Ochoa made the decision to leave Coapa to follow his dream of European football.

The board led by Santiago Baños and Héctor González Iñarritu made the decision to sign Luis Malagon, Olympic medalist goalkeeper for El Tri in Tokyo 2022, this before the surprise departure of Memo to Serie A in Italy.

More news from America:

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Malagón seemed to be that plan b that América talked about so much before Memo left, but as soon as Luis arrived at América and he already received bad news for his career, since he only played 45 minutes in a friendly duel and already he would regret reaching Coapa.

What will happen to Luis Malagón in America?

Despite the fact that everyone thought that Malagón would be Ochoa’s replacement, the new América goalkeeper says goodbye to ownership without even having made his official debut, since Oscar Jimenez he would be the one chosen by Tano Ortiz to start the team at the beginning of 2023 and Malagón would have to steal his position from the bench.

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