Goodbye Reynoso Guzmán: Cruz Azul made its decision after losing to Tigres

Reynoso Guzmán sees how Cruz Azul runs out of patience for the end of the season in Mexico

Tigres UNAL took the lead against Cruz Azul. We saw 90 minutes of play at the Azteca Stadium, where we could only see a single goal throughout the match, the one that gave Tigres the victory, authored by Jesús Dueñas in the 44th minute of the match.

As a result, not only did Cruz Azul lose out, because the group’s followers are increasingly annoyed by how the Peruvian-born coach directs, which is why more negative comments come from social networks.

“Fucking Cruz Azul has had three games, one man too many and he doesn’t know what to do, they don’t have a man who is a reference and with the fucking Reynoso who puts those who play a little until the second half, well, how can he do it now to go for 2 goals, if he doesn’t score 1 against 10, imagine”

“Reynoso has to go”, sentenced another follower on networks after seeing how his team failed to beat Tigres with one more player.

“Reynoso, please, if you say you love the club, present your resignation, your idea and style of play is very ratty, all the time locked up in your own court, you keep putting the same firecrackers as always, we are fed up with Aldrete, Baca and Cata , this team does not play anything”, said another follower.

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