Goodbye to Chivas, Cristiano Ronaldo’s Al-Nassr would put up the money to get Vega out

Alexis Vega could go to Europe thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo's team
Alexis Vega could go to Europe thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo’s team

The whole of Saudi Arabia, Al-Nassr would be the one who puts up the money so that Alexis Vega finally leaves Chivas and fulfills his dream of going abroad. In this way, the team where Cristiano Ronaldo plays is the key piece.

According to the ’90 Minutes’ Portal, Al-Nassr would be interested in the services of the French midfielder in N’Golo Kanté who could leave Chelsea and signed for the Al-Nassr team, a team where Cristiano Ronaldo plays and which has strong economic potential.

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It is said that the sale of N’Golo Kanté would be priced at around 20 million euros, money Chelsea could use to consider the signing of Alexis Vega, a player who has it in the pipeline, according to TV Azteca Deportes.

How much does Chivas ask for Alexis Vega?

Mexican player Alexis Vega would be valued at around 10 million dollars, so Chelsea could easily write their letter with the money they would receive from Al-Nassr for the signing of N’Golo Kanté.

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