Google harshly criticizes Apple and the iPhone at its I/O conference


Google remembers Apple at its I/O conference without naming it, although Apple probably won’t pay attention to it.

Google has celebrated its inaugural conference of its I/O presenting many novelties in the form of software and hardware. But in addition, the company has taken advantage of criticize Apple and iPhone for lack of support for lack of RCS support in the Messages app. RCS, Rich Communication Services or Rich Communication Services, is the modern version of SMS text messages that Apple has not included as it has had a platform like iMessage for more than 10 years.

Google has long been criticizing Apple’s stance with iMessage and arguing that Apple is ‘bullying’ Android users. The main problem is the differentiation that Apple makes in the iPhone’s Messages app, giving a blue color to messages sent with iMessage and a green color to traditional SMS. Since iMessage is not available on Android, all messages sent with these devices appear in green.

We hope that all mobile operating systems will get the message and update to RCS, so your messages are private, no matter what device you’re using.

Google wants you to retire your iPhone and has created an app for it

Google attacks Apple again for RCS technology

Google attacks Apple again for not including RCS in Messages

RCS enhances basic SMS with support for features like read receipts and encryption of messages. But they are features that Apple incorporated into iMessage when it debuted with iOS 5 in 2011. RCS doesn’t really improve anything over iMessage, in fact it falls far short of Apple’s options.

iMessage should not benefit from harassment. Texting should bring us together, and the solution exists. Let’s fix this as an industry.

Although it is true that Apple could implement RCS in your iPhone Messages app to enhance traditional messaging, this does not mean that the color of the message bubbles will change. Apart from being a marketing strategy, it is a way for the user to differentiate between an iMessage (free) and a regular SMS (which can be paid for).

The clear difference between Apple and Google according to one of those who knows the most

RCS aims to become a new standard and Google has worked with the different operators to achieve this, however they have been trying to implement it for many years without getting it. Apple has not paid much attention to it, as much as Google complains, and it does not seem that it will in the future, unless regulations require it.

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