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We return to talk about Pixel Fold, the highly anticipated Google device that folds. Some information about the possible design of the device has popped up

Among the plans of Google for the smartphone sector, there is also the new Pixel Fold. Model in line with the other devices on the market, it will offer customers top-of-the-range features and a simple and elegant design.

Images on the possible design of the Google Pixel Fold (Adobe Stock) have emerged online

After a long wait, more information began to pop up about the highly anticipated device. Thanks to Android 12 L Beta 2in fact, some users have found information related to the design of the new foldable.

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Google Pixel Fold, here’s how it could be

google pixel fold 20220113
Here’s how it could be, according to what emerged from leaked information (screenshot)

Inside the Android 12 L Beta 2, some users have managed to unearth some interesting information on what could be the design of the new Google Pixel Fold. There should first be physical buttons along the right hunger. The central section will be the one where the closing hinge of the device is positioned, and there is also the lower hole for inserting the SIM. As pointed out by several experts, in general the visual rendering is very similar to that of theOPPO Find N. The will of Big G seems to be to want to provide a very comfortable and immediate user experience.

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At the moment, however, these are exclusively unconfirmed rumors. Google’s foldable is back on everyone’s lips recently, after the codename “Pipit” of the device. The expectation of consumers lies above all in discovering the technical specifications, which are already shaping up to be top of the range. There is not too much information on the can either launch date. Everything suggests that, in the coming weeks, the Mountain View giant itself will be talking about it. We also look forward to any leaks and rumors about it, for one of the most anticipated devices.

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