Google Pixel Watch will be as beautiful as we imagined! Here are the first images

Google Pixel Watch seems to be the now confirmed name of the new Google smartwatch. The confirmation does not come clearly from the Mountain View company but from what are the first promotional images of the smartwatch leaked a few hours ago on the web and which would report not only the name but also the images of how the watch will be arriving in the coming months .

Google Pixel Watch: here are the first images

Let’s talk about the Google Pixel Watch for many months now since the first rumors about the smartwatch have appeared on the net already during the last year. The new Pixel Watch was considered the smartwatch launched by Google together with the new Pixel 6, but it was not, and considering that Google hasdeletedalso other devices over time, it is not yet clear when the new device will actually arrive on the market even if the confirmation of its arrival is there, even if indirectly.

And it is precisely the most “ chatty ” blogger on the web who returns to talk about it in a more than energetic way with a video which shows internal promotional images of the smartwatch that reveal not only some important information but also and above all the confirmation of what it should confidently be the aesthetic appearance of the smartwatch.

And here is the design of the new future Google Pixel Watch identical to what we have seen in the past with the first rumors. Symptom that actually the new smartwatch of the Mountain View company could really be as seen in the past and confirmed with these latest images. And there is some information regarding the way Google wants to realize the interface and features of this smartwatch such as street navigation withGoogle Maps directly on the device, but also the part Fitness and health plus calls and calendar. It will be a device that aspires to do what Apple has achieved for years with its Apple Watch, that is an important ecosystem based on the cohesion between hardware and software.

From a design point of view, the newTruly Revolutionary Pixel Watch: rounded lines with a completely circular shape of the case and of the display which, from what it seems, results with reduced frames. What could really change compared to the past is the study and development of the interface that seems to have been well studied for theround shape of the smarwatch and such as to allow maximum usability of the device.

Unfortunately, there is no other information on the hardware and software level. Will the new Google Pixel Watch arrive in Italy? We don’t even know this since the new Google Pixel 6 will not be in our country at least until the beginning of next year. Certainly the attention for his hypothetical arrival will be really important because Google needs to get back on the road and to make it clear that it must create a real ecosystem just like Apple did with its own. AND this new Google Pixel Watch will certainly be a fundamental piece.

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