Google redesigns the Play Store to show more information about apps that may interest you

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If there is an Android application that is critical for Google, that is, without a doubt, the Google Play Store. The official store of games, applications, books and more (although not movies and series anymore) usually carries out design tests among a small group of users to check which is the best interface. That is what we have recently seen in a change that affects the list of recommended applications.

Applications with more information on the home screen

When we enter the Google Play Store we see several tabs in the lower area. If we go to the applications section, we will see that several applications are recommended to us based on our activity in the store.

Until now, these applications simply showed us the logo, the name and an evaluation that is the summary of the notes given by the users.

Current interface / New version seen on 9to5Google

At 9to5Google they have seen how some users are seeing a different interface, in the form of a list instead of a carousel. But what is relevant is not the way in which the icons are arranged, but rather that in addition to the data that already appeared, there is now room for the descriptions of the applications, which allows us to know if an app is going to interest us or not without having to Click on its icon to go to its file.

This new layout uses the same idea as before with horizontal scrolling showing us three other apps in their descriptions. If we click on the date next to the title of this section, a page with all those related apps will open.

New interface in lists with descriptions

As we have said, for now this is a design change that applies to a few users, but if Google sees that the installation of these apps increases with the new interface, it will surely end up modifying it for all store users.

It may interest you

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