Google trolls Apple because of a Drake song

Apple is the only one who can fix the blue and green bubbles problem, so Google sent you a little message.

Google sent a message directly to Apple via Twitter. The reason? He wants them to fix something that, as they point out, only Apple can fix. The problem of blue and green bubbles.

The official android twitter account posted a 38-second video in which, framed by Drake’s new track, he asks a possible “super-talented team of Apple engineers” to come up with a solution. The controversy of messages between Android and iPhone mobiles has a new chapter.


The bubbles, blue and green, vary depending on whether the device is an iPhone or an Android.

The RCS protocol is the way

Rapper Drake’s new song, “Texts Go Green,” didn’t even paint Google to return to a recurring theme in recent years. It might not sound like much to you if you live outside the US, but the blue and green bubbles in the Messages app are a matter of debate.

When two iPhones communicate through this app, the message bubbles are blue. However, things change when an Android user enters the conversation. Its green bubbles are a sort of “label” that has come to cause bullying issues in the North American country. Google has made it clear that it doesn’t seem fair at all for iMessage to treat its users as less.

Android users not only have a different color, but also slow down the conversation by having certain limitations. Also, green is the color that appears when a user is blocked, so in no way does this seem to be related to anything positive.

Google is asking Apple to adapt to the RCS messaging protocol, which would facilitate communication between the two ecosystems, improve security and put an end to the problem of bubbles.

iMessage is the most used messaging application in the United States, where users (mainly Apple) do not download applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram. They use the default app for their devices. Apple knows many users have been “locked in” to its ecosystem because they don’t want to leave iMessage, so it doesn’t look like it’ll be giving its arm to wring.

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