Google uses Drake to tackle Apple and its iPhone

The squabble between Google and Apple is far from over. The two giants never hold back when it comes to crushing the other. This time, Google relies on drake to drive down its competitor.

Champagne Papi in the middle of a beef

The thing has probably not escaped you: when you send a message from an iPhone to an Android smartphone, the text bubbles are green, confirming that you have sent a simple SMS / MMS. On the other hand, the exchanges of messages from iPhone to iPhone are encapsulated in blue bubbles, meaning not only that the messages in question are encrypted, but that it is also possible to add photos and videos to them on the fly.

A comfort for Apple users, which annoys a long-time militant Google so that its competitor deploys the RCS protocol within its iMessage solution, to streamline and simplify the exchange of messages between iPhone and Android mobiles. Deciding to make the debate public, the same Google has just launched a campaign using the title Texts Go Green, featured on Drake’s latest draft, Honestly, Nevermindadding a very explicit comment: “If only a very talented team of engineers at Apple could solve this problem. Because it’s a problem that only Apple can solve. They just have to adopt RCS, actually. It would also make the messages more secure. »

Back to the song Texts Go Green from Drake, he mentions, among other things, the fact that iMessage users normally see their messages sent in the form of blue bubbles. But if they are blocked by the recipient, the bubble changes from blue to green.

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