Government publishes new restrictions for covid-19 in Guatemala, in addition to the use of a mask

The Executive Agency, through the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance, published this Thursday, May 12, the Ministerial Agreement 158-2022, in which it issues the new System of health alerts and health provisions for the opening to the new normality in Guatemala.

According to the document, given the current situation of the evolution of the covid-19 pandemic, it is necessary to update the provisions through which the Health Alert System was established for the attention of the covid-19 emergency.

In article 1 it explains that the Health Alert System allows determining the level of risk of contagion that exists for the population, through the periodic measurement of indicators of the incidence of the disease, the intensity of the contagion, the trend of the pandemic , use and availability of diagnostic tests and the progress of vaccination coverage against coronavirus.

It adds that the scope of application of the Health Alert System is municipal, departmental and national and that the health alert board will be published every 15 days, on Saturdays, and will be applied from the following day.

Parameters to determine level of risk

According to the publication, these are the parameters that will be used to determine, by municipality, the level of risk of contagion from the covid-19 emergency.

Health alert parameters published by the Ministry of Health, on May 12, 2022.

The agreement establishes that the municipalities of the country will be classified in alert colors, according to the score received and will be established as follows.

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Score modified by incidence of covid-19

The table published by Health in this new ministerial agreement has some differences in the score given to municipalities in the indicator of confirmed cases of covid-19 per 100,000 inhabitants.

Previously, the municipalities received one point if the incidence was <15, 2 points if it was between 15 and 25; 3 points if it was >25 to 55 and 4 points if it was >55.

Now the table increased from and it was established that a point will be received if the incidence is <56; 2 points, if it is from 56 to 114; 3 points if it is >114 to 257 and 4 points if it is >257.

In the indicator of the accumulated percentage of vaccination scheme of 2 doses in older than 12 years, the only variation was that to award 2 points, previously it was for the range >47 to <70 and now it was >47 to <74.

There were also some small changes in the points awarded to each municipality, according to the indicators.

Red alert

Municipalities that are above 10.5 points (was the same before)

Orange alert

In municipalities that are in the range >7 to ≤10.5 (previously it was >7 to 10.55)

Yellow Alert

In municipalities that are in the range of >3.5 to ≤7 points (previously it was >3.5 to 7)

Green Alert

In municipalities that add 3.5 points (Previously it was the same)

Wearing a mask and social distancing

In article 4 of the new agreement, it is established that for the opening of all economic activities and work centers, with the purpose of avoiding the increase in the contagion and transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, All the inhabitants of Guatemala, regardless of whether or not they have suffered from the coronavirus, must comply with the following health provisions:

a) Hand hygiene, either through the use of soap and water for a minimum period of 20 seconds, or through disinfection with liquid or gel alcohol that has at least 70% concentration.

b) Minimum physical distance of 1.5 meters between people, according to the following:

  1. On red alert, both in open and closed spaces. spaces
  2. On orange and yellow alert, only in closed spaces.

Municipalities on green alert are exempt from this obligation.

c) Mandatory and appropriate use of a mask or face mask, according to the following:

  1. On red alert, both in open spaces and in closed spaces.
  2. On orange and yellow alert, only in closed spaces.

Children under 2 years of age, people who due to their medical condition have a contraindication and municipalities on green alert are excepted from the aforementioned obligation.

There may be reforms to the measures

According to the Health publication, these provisions will be reformed taking into account the evolution of the covid-19 pandemic and the new scientific evidence that becomes known.

“Local authorities, in consensus with their local leaders and institutional representatives and public entities through their authorities and private entities, through their representatives, may increase and never decrease the health provisions described above, disseminating them to the population in a timely manner. , applicable group or jurisdiction,” it reads.

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In article 5, it is mentioned that the State entities, within the framework of their functions and their respective competencies, will be responsible for verifying the implementation of the health provisions.

Protocols for activities in municipalities in red

Article 6 of the agreement establishes the protocols for events and activities in municipalities on red alert.

It explains that, in these municipalities in red, the organizers of religious, recreational or sports events and activities must prepare their biosafety protocols in application of the guidelines issued or that are issued for this purpose by the Ministry of Public Health and must present them. before the local health authorities for their review, feedback and extension of a note of no objection; the former being responsible for ensuring compliance with health regulations.


In the new agreement, it is mentioned in article 7 that non-compliance with the new provisions will be sanctioned by the corresponding health authority, in accordance with the provisions of Decree Number: 90-97 of the Congress of the Republic of Guatemala, Code of Health.

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It is also mentioned that this ministerial provision must be translated and communicated in the languages ​​of the Mayan, Garífuna and Xinca peoples, respectively.

This agreement repeals Chapter IV of Ministerial Agreement 146-2020 (referring to the prevention and control strategy in the workplace); ministerial agreements 261-2020, 261-2021, and 32-2022.

This ministerial agreement becomes effective on the day of its publication in the Diario de Centro América.

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