Gradiva cut, the look that Zendaya uses on her curly hair to show off a slim face

At Panorama we know that have perfect hair It is not an easy task, so we present you the gradient haircut; the favorite of Zendaya to show off some perfect curlsthe best thing is that this idea too will define your features and will give you one thin face.

If this season you want to wear an enviable image, we present the best way to use Chinese hair. Remember that this season the casual style is the best way sensual to wear curly hair.

This is what Zendaya looks like with her naturally curly hair

Through her Instagram account, the celeb shared a photograph in which she modeled some enviable Chinese. In her post, she wore the ideal vibe if you want your hair to become the protagonist of your image. On this occasion she opted for a hair with a lot of volume, structured curls and a midi cut that we already want to use.

This is what Zendaya looks like with her naturally curly hair. Photo: IG

What is the gradiva haircut?

Is about the bob version for chinese hair with an effect degraded that highlights the natural curves of the curlers. Our recommendation is that you use it in midi version, however, you will also see well in its mini style. Do not forget that accompanying it with a natural oil will give you a better texture.

You, would you try the look of Zendaya for show off enviable curls and a thin face?

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