Great discounts on the 40 digital games that have been added to the ENEBA wish list the most times

There is nothing left for the Three Kings to load the camels with all those games and consoles that you have asked for. There is no better feeling than waking up on Three Kings Day and opening those gifts that you have been waiting for so long, and if they are the kind that plug in and you can play with them, much better. What a feeling I had with my first PS2!

From Eneba, this year we have wanted to make things easier for the Kings and we show them the games that have been saved the most times in the wish lists, so that they do not make mistakes.

Today we can see that Elden Ring for PC has been saved 4900 times and God of War for PC has also been saved more than 9000 times. What a fight they bring!

So, we have created a selection of games and cards ideal for any console or PC gamer in digital products so that they do not weigh much. You can see all the games on sale here.

Cheaper gift cards and subscriptions for consoles:

Discounts on the 40 digital games that m

Console games in digital version:

Discounts on the 40 digital games that m

Some of the best-selling games of the year on PC:

  • Fifa 23 for PC with a 49% OFF, play with your favorite team or create your own squad. Many hours of football await you.
  • Spider-Man Miles Morales for PC with 50% OFF: Dispatch criminals as you swing from neighborhood to neighborhood and experiment with Miles’ explosive powers
  • Elden Ring for PC with a 48% OFFRide across vast fields, gallop over rolling hills, and leap over rocky crags to engage your enemies.
  • God of War for PC with a 60% OFF, you will see a different Kratos, more human. He is now a father and travels with his son, with the aim of spreading his wife’s ashes from the highest peak.
  • Outer Wilds for PC with a 61% OFF, An immersive, complex and above all very enjoyable adventure. An almost unprecedented story.
  • Monster Hunter Rise for PC with a 76% OFFThis game is everything you’d expect from a Monster Hunter game, plus a little more. Don’t expect anything from the story: like most games in the series, it takes a backseat to the monster-hunting action.
  • Victoria 3 for PC with a 48% OFF, you will be able to control dozens of countries in the world during the period 1836-1936. Only your actions will dictate the fate of those countries.
  • NBA 2K23 for PC with a 66% OFFWho is ready to become an NBA legend?
  • Unmetal for PC with a 94% OFFIndispensable independent title of Spanish production that parodies metal gear type games.
  • Uncharted for PC with a 51% OFFNathan Drake tries to lead an everyday life, but when adventure runs through your veins, it’s hard to hang up the holster on the gun.
Discounts on the 40 digital games that m

If you are looking for consoles and physical games take a look here

By now it should sound like you can also buy or sell physical gaming products in Eneba, if you’re looking for an old Gamecube to feel like a kid and play Metroid Prime from 2002, you can too!

Here you will be able to find consoles and games for platforms such as PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Switch or, for example, Xbox One controllers to play cooperative games. You can find new or used products and almost always with a good discount.

Here you can find a list of the most demanded physical games of the moment, as well as some good prices on consoles if you know how to search:

And if the Kings finally allow you to renew your setup, you can sell what you no longer play here. You have thousands of delivery and collection points near you through the Post Office and collection points.

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