Greecy falls in concert with an advanced pregnancy and causes concern to her fans

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Greeicy Rendon and Mike Bahia they are about to become parents and at par, your baby is already one of the most anticipated of this 2022. Waiting for her first child, Greeicy hasn’t stoppedboth for the recent premiere of his series on Netflix “Wild Rhythm” as for the presentations of his tour “Lovers Tour”.

Despite the fact that the actress and singer has shown that she has a healthy pregnancy that allows her to move around without problems and not stop dancing, recently caused great concern in his fansafter one of his presentations had an accident.

While Greeicy was on stagethe singer had a spectacular fall that alarmed due to her advanced pregnancy, however, apparently it was not serious, because she herself laughed at the incident commenting: “I think it’s fashionable to fall on stage. I fell down now, did you guys see me? (asking his fans)”.

What happened to Greeicy after his fall?

Although it did cause great concern, according to Greeicy herselfthe fall only caused a couple of scrapes, while it did not affect her pregnancy at all. Greeicy has been recognized for continuing to conquer with various dance steps despite her advanced pregnancy.

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