Green is back! The Mexican National Team will return to its “original” uniform for Qatar 2022

After four years, the Mexican National Team will once again wear a green jersey when the new uniform to be used for the Qatar 2022 World Cup is launched, leaving behind the black jersey that has been used in Concacaf Qualifying and other tournaments.

According to information from the journalist Gibrán Araige, Mexico will once again be “Tricolor” for the Qatar World Cup, since Adidas, the brand that dresses El Tri, is preparing the return of the green jersey for the national team.

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The TUDN journalist announced that the local uniform will be with a green shirt, white shorts and green socks, although the details of this new clothing are still unknown.

On the other hand, it was also revealed that the away uniform will be white, something that has been a constant in recent years, so it is not much “new” for the Mexican National Team.

When was the last time Mexico played green?

The last time the Mexican National Team wore its traditional green jersey was on November 16, 2018, during a friendly match against the Argentine National Team after the World Cup in Russia.

By changing dates for the venue and that this next World Cup begins at the end of 2022, Mexico will complete four years without wearing green on November 16 (the World Cup begins on Monday, November 21).

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