Gregg Berhalter confesses to physical abuse against his wife Rosalind; US Soccer responds

The United States coach’s contract, Gregg Berhalterit was finished on December 31, 2022, and although it is unknown if it will be maintained in the face of the process towards the World Cup 2026, The same one in which the country of the Stars and Stripes will be local, a statement from the coach himself could give a 180 degree turn to the matter.

Berhalter He started his statement by assuring that he was very proud of the performance that the team had during the World Cup of Qatar 2022, and emphasizing that the union of the team was a fundamental part of reaching the Round of 16.

However, he assured that a third person threatened the coach with bringing to light information against the North American strategist, and what forced him to confess the secret that individual threatened to publish.

“In the fall of 1991, I met my soul mate. I had barely turned 18 years old when I met Rosalind. We had dated for four months when an incident occurred. After going to drink in a bar, we had an argument that turned physical and I kicked her in the legs,” she confessed. Berhalter.

The strategist lamented and assured that “there are no excuses for the behavior I had”, although he also ruled that it is something that he has not repeated.

US Soccer responds

Just minutes after Gregg Berhalter’s confession, US Soccer responded with a statement announcing that they had launched an investigation into the threats received. by the strategist.

“During the process, US Soccer has learned of inappropriate behavior against members of the Federation by outsiders. to the Federation. We take this investigation very seriously and we will not stop until we resolve it,” he said in the same statement.

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