Greta Gerwig on writing America Ferrera’s monologue in Barbie

barbie Director Greta Gerwig recently revealed about the writing process behind America Ferrera’s monologue.

Speaking to Vanity Fair, director Greta Gerwig recalled Ferreira’s writing barbie Monologue with her husband and fellow director Noah Baumbach. Barbie as a film is steeped in the experience of womanhood, and the dialogue delivered by Ferrera (who plays frustrated Mattel employee and devoted mother Gloria) was a strong representation of feminism.

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Gerwig said that she and Baumbach remembered different conceptions of the monologue, “Noah has a completely different memory of it; He was like, ‘No, no, we were walking,’ and I said, ‘No, I was sitting outside.'” Ultimately, however, Gerwig insisted that it was Ferreira who based the monologue And made it her own, “It does not exist as it does without America. It belongs to her by right, more than to anyone else.”

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Gerwig, who was known for directing little Women (2019), ladybug (2017), and starred francis ha (2013) made the female monologue prominent in his work. Saoirse Ronan’s speech as Jo March little Women And America Ferrera’s speech as Gloria, though contextually different, analyzes the plight of women as they strive to exist as multidimensional people rather than just women under patriarchy. Discussing the impact of Ferreira’s speech on herself personally, Gerwig admitted that it held a special place in her heart: “That scene still really touches me. I see some of my friends’ teenage girls who don’t think they’re good enough, but they’re so pretty and smart and you just want them. Know.,

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In the same interview, the director discussed the future of her work and said that she doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon. “I want to do this in my 70s. I think it was Truffaut who said, ‘Sometimes, quantity is impressive.’ I know what she means,” Gerwig said. “I just want to be thought of, like: She’s nice. She can do it.” Post-Blockbuster barbieGerwig is working on a Netflix adaptation The Chronicles of Narnia, Although she touched on the challenging nature of adapting an iconic franchise like Barbie, Gerwig emphasized that staying busy ultimately works best for her, “Feeling inactive is really scary,” the director admitted. “At some point, the terror of never doing anything becomes much greater than the terror of doing something bad.”

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