Grettell Valdez confirms divorce Only the truth!

It was in September 2021, when at TVNotas we let you know that Grettell Valdez was devastated that her second husband, Leo Clercgave her a divorce after physically separating from her in July 2020 due to pending legal matters in his native Switzerland.

Precisely in July 2020, we let you know that Clerc was in Switzerland to solve a legal process that he has been facing since 2010 for fraud and theft. For this reason, he presented himself voluntarily, since to compensate for his error he had to pay more than four million pesos by working or serving a sentence of a year and a half in prison, and he preferred the former. After this information, the cameras of the Ventaneando program interviewed the actress outside the Querétaro Fashion Show event, and she fled from the press when asked about her husband, she only limited herself to declaring: “The heart full of love”.

The last time the couple physically saw each other was in December 2020, to spend the holidays together and there we inform you that he requested special permission in his country to be able to travel to be with his still wife, but it was on that last visit to Mexico from him, who began the divorce proceedings. “He doesn’t come a lot because he only has one permit per year to leave the country and the trip implies an expense that he can’t afford right now.”

In September 2021 we informed you that Leo had already given her a divorce: “He has always wanted to pretend that nothing is wrong and that he is happy. They talk to each other every day, but she always cries because she tells him that she feels very lonely and that she didn’t get married to be in a long-distance relationship; In addition, she wanted to get pregnant, but with him at a distance it will be impossible for her. Grettell is pressured because she feels that her biological clock is ticking and sadly Leo has told her that it could take at least five years to return to Mexico.

“Leo has already proposed to give him a divorce and his freedom so that he can rebuild his life. Obviously, Grettell did not like this, since, although she knows that he does it out of love, she no longer sees her life without him because she loves him. He did it because he no longer wants to see her suffer from her or to know why she feels so alone, he only cares about her happiness; Also, she told him that when he finishes fixing her problem in Switzerland and returns, he can resume her relationship if she is still single. He doesn’t want her to feel tied down to someone who won’t be around that long.”

Grettell Valdez is single

“She has confessed that there are times when she has felt lost and that having everything monetarily speaking, she has nothing and feels empty; when she thought that the right man had come into her life, she left him because of her past mistakes, none of this has been easy for her”. Finally a few hours ago through their social networks that Grettell confessed that she was already divorced, confirming what we have been publishing for months and that she was dedicated to denying.

It was through a dynamic of questions with her followers who questioned her how she was sentimentally and she replied: “What you see does not ask. Yes, divorced, happy, always positive”. In the live video he made, he was in the company of one of his friends, who limited him: “You haven’t seen him in a year and a half.”

Right there the actress assured that all this time she has been accompanied by psychologists who have helped her overcome this duel: Cry what you have to cry, do therapy because sometimes one alone can’t. I’ve been alone for two years now and the truth is that I love and love myself. I have fun with myself.”

Grettell Valdez is single

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