Grey’s Anatomy: Fans upset by the way they just took this character out

Grey’s Anatomy just fired one of the main characters in the medical drama; and his departure upset fans who claim that the producers underestimated him and therefore wasted a unique opportunity to match Meredith Gray with the right man.

Grey’s Anatomy continues to be transmitted through the chain ABC with season 18, however, it is not having the same receptivity that it had at the beginning, especially due to the dismissal of one of the most beloved characters in the drama, not only because it is linked to Cristina Yang (sandra oh), but also because it meant a real opportunity for Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo) in love, even if she didn’t even realize it. (Season 18 Spoilers)

Grey’s Anatomy fans are upset about the way they just took out one of the main characters

This is Dr. Cormac Hayes, a character who was played by Richard Flood, who arrived in season 16 of the long-running series to change everything. But, unfortunately, he ended up being ignored by the show’s writers and producers, to the point that it didn’t feel natural to develop his story at Gray Sloan.

But for fans quoted by US outlet TV Fanatic, the worst thing about the whole Cormac Hayes thing was his dismissal from the show in the most recent episode of season 18, which aired on Thursday. An exit that most viewers of the medical drama do not consider decent.

It turns out that Grey’s Anatomy fans especially criticize Meredith Grey’s attitude, who only asked “You too?” After the doctor had the sweetest words for him in the farewell scene. Viewers point out that, unfortunately, that farewell was by far the best scene between Meredith and Hayes, who had been sent especially for her by a Cristina Yang worried about her friend’s future love life.

According to fans, Cormac Hayes did not have the best exit from Grey’s Anatomy

And as Grey’s Anatomy fans point it out, that farewell is just further proof of how much they dropped the ball on Hayes as a character. Despite this, others believe that he left protecting his values, acting honestly and discreetly in the case of Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd), who could be in serious trouble in the upcoming episodes.

As Grey’s Anatomy fans will remember, even Nathan Riggs (Martin Henderson) had a full farewell episode. The same has happened with the rest of the characters in the drama who have had to say goodbye to medical fiction. For fans, much worse is that if they were to go through the exercise of removing Hayes from the last two years of Grey’s Anatomy, they would probably find that her absence would not have affected anything important.

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