Grey’s Anatomy Season 18: ABC drama puts Meredith in a tough spot

Grey’s Anatomy is putting Meredith Gray in a tough spot. According to the promotional trailer for episode 13 of season 18 that will air next week, the character of Ellen Pompeo will have to face an important decision that includes her children.

Grey’s Anatomythe longest-running medical drama of all time on television, continues to air on Thursdays every week with its 18th season through the broadcast network ABC. And while Meredith Gray bounces back and forth between Seattle and Minnesota, the character from Ellen Pompeo will be in a tough spot when the series returns with episode 13.

Meredith Gray will have to make one of the most important decisions of her life in episode 13 of season 18 of Grey’s Anatomy

Ever since Grey’s Anatomy season 18 premiered in late fall last year, fans have seen Meredith reunite with Dr. Alan Hamilton (Peter Gallagher), who sought her out for a special and innovative investigative job in Minnesota, far from Seattle, where she has long made her living while working at Gray Sloan and where she has established her family residence.

The arrival of Dr. Hamilton in Meredith’s life on Grey’s Anatomy has been crucial. When it was announced that Petter Gallagher would be part of the cast of the 18th season of the long-running medical drama, it was also said that important moments would come that would change many things for Pompeo’s character, and fans have witnessed that he has developed this way. the program.

When Meredith first moved to Minnesota in Season 18, fate crossed paths with a love interest from her past. Dr. Nick Marsh, who resides in that city, reappeared in her life thanks to Hamilton’s invitation. Now, with episode 13 airing Thursday March 24 on ABCAccording to the promotional trailer, Pompeo’s character is facing a big decision.

The question to be asked here is whether Meredith will stay in Seattle or accept a permanent position in Minnesota after the offer she received, after performing the revolutionary procedure on Dr. Hamilton during surgery. While she has connections there, including Nick, she spends practically her entire life in Seattle, her career at Gray Sloan, and especially her children.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 Episode 13 Trailer

The truth is that Meredith is at a crossroads in episode 13; and therefore she has to make one of the most important decisions of her life. But if there’s one thing that wouldn’t make sense in this Grey’s Anatomy season 18 storyline, it’s leaving the institution that’s been her home for almost 20 years, as well as being away from her friends and family, even if she likes being in Minnesota. , it is a great challenge to uproot your whole life and that of your children.

It is possible that Meredith will find some solution, and this could not be other than to coordinate her work and professional matters while traveling between Seattle and Minnesota. Being the main character of Grey’s Anatomy with a plot centered on Gray Sloan for almost two decades, it’s hard to imagine that she will be leaving the hospital as season 18 moves towards its end.

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