Grey’s Anatomy: Season 19 Episode 3 hinted at who could replace Meredith

Grey’s Anatomy is about to say goodbye to its main character. This is how the writers foresaw it in the 19th season of the ABC drama and in the most recent episode, it was hinted at who could replace Meredith Gray at Gray Sloan.

Grey’s Anatomy returned this week with a new episode of season 19 through the broadcast network ABC. The series continues to move forward as the narrative sets the stage for Meredith Grey’s farewell (Ellen Pompeo). Following his exit from the long-running medical drama, many fans are wondering which character could fill that void.

Grey’s Anatomy season 19 episode 3 hinted at who Meredith Grey’s replacement could be

Recall that with its 19th season, Grey’s Anatomy added 5 new members to its cast. Internal newcomers will be a part of upcoming stories in the series created by Shonda Rhimes. However, so far nothing has been said about the central character on which the series will turn, after the departure of Meredith Grey.

As fans know, the character of Ellen Pompeo will be saying goodbye with the eighth episode of season 19. After two decades at the helm, the main star leaves the role she played since 2005, however, she will remain as an executive producer. and will continue to lend his voice to narrate future stories.

The question that many fans are currently asking has to do with the character that will replace Meredith Gray on Grey’s Anatomy. After what they saw in last Thursday’s episode, some fans believe that her daughter Zola (Aniela Gumbs) could take his place in the long-running show’s future storylines.

Zola Could Become Meredith Grey’s Substitute In Future Grey’s Anatomy

Before Grey’s Anatomy season 19 debuted on screen, the medical drama’s showrunner, Krista Vernoff, revealed the reason why Meredith will be moving away from the hospital where she has grown professionally in all this time since she was a young resident. And it was in episode 3 aired on Thursday, October 20, when viewers began to see the beginning of the end of her.

It turns out that the story of the previous episode, titled ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’, was related to Zola having a panic attack; and in this installment it was hinted that the daughter of Meredith and Derek Shepherd (patrick dempsey) has a talent for medicine and could become a doctor at a later age.

In Grey’s Anatomy, Zola dropped out of school for a day and went with Meredith to Gray Sloan. She explored the hospital and Dr. Nick Marsh (Scott Speedman) found her and brought her to the room with a puzzle and tools that doctors practice with. It turns out that the young teenager was able to solve the cognitive puzzles that are difficult even for adults. Nick and Kai Bartley (ER Fightmaster) told Meredith that this could mean that Zola is talented and that her mental health issues could be due to not taking on enough challenges.

You may have to skip grades, which could mean your path to becoming a doctor could come faster than usual. Meredith was surprised by the news at first. But if she puts Zola on a fast track, fans may see her become an intern sooner than expected. It would be hard to imagine someone taking Meredith’s place as the star of the medical drama, except for one other Grey, and Zola fits that bill.

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