Grey’s Anatomy Season 19: How much will be the time jump that comes with the premiere

Grey’s Anatomy, with the arrival of its 19th season, not only will the partial absence of Meredith Gray be noted, but there will also be a big change in the timeline of the ABC medical drama.

Grey’s Anatomythe long-running hit medical drama that airs on Thursday nights through the broadcast network ABCwill return to the screens on October 6 with the premiere of season 19. A launch that will mark a new era in the series that debuted in 2003, and that will stand out for the great changes that the production is assuming in terms of stories and the main cast.

A jump in time will arrive with the premiere of the season 19 of Grey’s Anatomy

As is known, Ellen Pompeo She will return with Grey’s Anatomy season 19, but fans will be without Dr. Meredith Gray for the entire installment due to the reduced role the show’s leading lady will have in upcoming episodes. It is confirmed that the Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital heroine will only appear in a total of 8 episodes when the series returns.

Also, with the arrival of season 19 of Grey’s Anatomy, fans will have the opportunity to meet new people. Five new members have joined the cast of the medical drama, all in regular roles to play the new residents now that the educational show is reopening and will be helmed by Meredith Grey, who ended up shelving her decision to move to Minnesota, At least for the moment.

And it is that season 19 of the long-running ABC series will not only be highlighted by the absence of Meredith Gray and the new residents, but also by the time jump that is coming. According to Grey’s Anatomy showrunner Krista Vernoff, she confirmed the news via a recent interview with TV Insider.

The time jump that comes with the premiere of Grey’s Anatomy season 19 is 6 months

The premiere episode of Grey’s Anatomy season 19 will pick up the story six months after the end of the previous installment. which culminated at the end of May and left Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) resigning from her hospital position and leaving everything in the hands of Meredith Grey. Vernoff also confirmed to the outlet that Ellen Pompeo’s character will not be in Minnesota.

Recall that when it became known that Ellen Pompeo would only be in eight episodes of the 19th season of Grey’s Anatomy, many believed that Meredith Gray would divide her time between Seattle and Minnesota. Now it is known that things will not happen this way. However, the promotional trailer shared by ABC this week strongly suggests that Meredith will be contributing heavily to the new residency show.

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