Grey’s Anatomy: The actor who felt intimidated by his role as Meredith Gray’s boyfriend

A Grey’s Anatomy actor has confessed to being intimidated by Patrick Dempsey’s legacy as Derek Shepherd after being hired to play one of Meredith Grey’s love interests.

Grey’s Anatomy has left important marks on fans of the medical drama of ABC. With 19 seasons and a cast of stars who, after leaving the series, have continued to set the tone for other projects, it couldn’t be any other way. However, some characters shown by the show left a much more intense legacy than others who came through the series.

Ellen Pompeo plays Meredith Grey, one of the most important characters in Grey’s Anatomy

One of them was Derek Shepherd, played by patrick dempsey. The remembered McDreamy was so well received that after his death in season 11 many thought that the series would not survive. This character becomes from the first episode in the romantic partner of Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo), a newly arrived intern at Seattle Grace who has a one-night stand with a man she doesn’t know is going to be her boss.

From there their story on Grey’s Anatomy plunged into a spiral of drama, love and pain that led Meredith and Derek to live together, marry and have children until their professional egos got in the way of a relationship that was about to end before McDreamy tragically died in a car accident after saving four strangers.

Ultimately, Gray Anatomy made Derek a legend. Fans still claim his presence and advocate a plot twist in which it is discovered that the doctor was not dead but kidnapped by the government, so that he would finish the brain mapping for which he almost lost his marriage to Meredith Grey. Unfortunately, everyone knows that this will not happen. But all that history that is beautiful for some was challenging for others, specifically for the Grey’s Anatomy actors who came after Patrick Dempsey to play the love interests of Meredith Grey, who have not been few.

One who claimed to feel really intimidated by the entire McDreamy legend and the love that Grey’s Anatomy fans have for him was Scott SpeedmanMeredith’s current partner. The interpreter assured that he had never before faced an audience that defended and became so fiercely involved with a character as they do with Meredith and her life.

Scott Speedman assured that he felt very intimidated by the legacy that Patrick Dempsey left in the fans of Grey’s Anatomy

This made him consider playing Nick Marsh, the charming doctor from Minnesota that Meredith met in season 14 of Grey’s Anatomy and who fell in love with her from the first moment, only that at that time the conditions were not right for him to give a romance between the two characters.

Also, Speedman noted that he doesn’t understand how fans consider his character to have lived up to Derek Shepherd’s legacy which is truly impressive. So far, Nick Marsh has received the stamp of approval of the Grey’s Anatomy fandom, but this could change at any time, so the actor is not confident and continues to bet on enriching his character.

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