Grey’s Anatomy: The real reason Meredith didn’t see her mom at the beach

The absence of Meredith’s mother in her dreams on the beach with all her great friends who passed away in previous seasons of Grey’s Anatomy continues to be a topic of debate among fans. However, there is a curious reason why Ellis Gray was absent.

In the seventeenth season of Grey’s AnatomyDr. Meredith (played by Ellen Pompeo) falls seriously ill with Covid-19 and spends several episodes in a coma, dreaming of seeing past and present characters from the medical drama. Of all her visitors, including her late husband Derek (patrick dempsey), her sister Lexi (Chyler Leigh) and his old friend George (TR Knight). But, Meredith never gets a visit from her late mother Ellis Gray (Kate Burton), which seems like a strange omission.

Grey’s Anatomy: Meredith and the problems with her mother Ellis Gray

Meredith’s visitors in the beach dream are all people with whom she had a strong and loving relationship. Meredith loved her mother, but her relationship was complicated. Ellis was a cold and strict woman who made her life very difficult in her youth. When she died of Alzheimer’s in season three, she was devastated, but viewers also saw the complexity of her feelings for Ellis.

However, all the characters who came to visit Meredith were people who cared about her and loved her unconditionally, whereas Ellis had been estranged from Meredith throughout her childhood. Ellis was so focused on her work and she rarely spent time with her daughter. Meredith’s father used to take her to the hospital to see Ellis at work, and she grew up away from her mother.

When Meredith grew up, she enrolled in medical school in the shadow of her mother. When Ellis developed Alzheimer’s, she told Meredith that she was disappointed that she was enjoying herself instead of focusing on her career. No matter how far apart they were, Meredith always cared about Ellis’s opinion, and her words hurt her deeply. She had a lot of pain and difficult memories associated with Ellis, which was one of the reasons she hadn’t seen her on the beach when she was in a coma.

Grey’s Anatomy: Even though Meredith loved her mother, she didn’t dream of her on the beach

Recall that when Meredith is torn between life and death in season 18 of Grey’s Anatomy. The characters that visit her give her different reasons to continue living: Derek tells her to put up with her because her children need her, and George encourages her to continue doing good things for others. Ellis’s appearance could have brought Meredith out of her coma sooner, ironically only because she would not have had an emotional motive.

Through it all, Meredith loves her mother and remembers her as the brilliant woman she once was. On the other hand, the ones who visited her on the beach didn’t seem to have closure with her (unfinished business), so her visit in her dream was a great moment to say goodbye to them.

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