Grey’s Anatomy: The truth behind Ellen Pompeo’s rejection of Isaiah Washington in the drama

Grey’s Anatomy is headed for its 19th season on ABC. It’s almost two decades of pure drama and fans still remember the romance between Meredith Gray and Derek Shepherd. A sentimental relationship that remained forever in the hearts of all. However, in the long-running series things could have been different, had it not been for Ellen Pompeo.

Grey’s Anatomy is the longest-running medical drama of all time on television. The successful series has been praised throughout its screen career and has managed to consolidate an immense fan base that, season after season, has closely followed the stories that involve the staff that work at Gray Sloan and the relationships between them. them, especially that of Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo).

Ellen Pompeo revealed why she turned down Isaiah Washington when Preston Burke would become Meredith Grey’s love interest on Grey’s Anatomy

The series has been characterized all these years by presenting fascinating story arcs full of romance and complications. One of the favorite couples of Grey’s Anatomy fans was always that of Meredith Gray and Derek Shepherd, the character who was played by patrick dempsey until season 11 in 2015, when he died from injuries sustained after a car accident.

Meredith and Shepherd’s relationship on Grey’s Anatomy was a key element in the drama’s storylines, helping the show maintain high ratings for over a decade. A romance that is still remembered by the faithful spectators of the series of ABC. However, things could have been different in the series, since Patrick Dempsey’s character was not initially planned to become the love of the surgeon.

The romance between the two characters was established from the first episode of Grey’s Anatomy that aired in 2003. But, that romance that fans idolized was not always in the story written in the script of the creator of the series, Shonda Rhimes. Turns out, it was originally planned that Meredith Gray and Preston Burke (Isaiah Washington) were together.

In Grey’s Anatomy, the character Preston Burke was replaced by Derek Shepherd.

The revelation was made by Ellen Pompeo in 2013 during an interview with New York. The actress admitted that she was initially supposed to be with Dr. Preston Burke, but she talked Shonda Rhimes into changing it, as she didn’t want to star alongside Washington on the ABC series.

“You know they wanted Isaiah Washington (Preston) to be my boyfriend,” Pompeo said. “Shonda really wanted to put a black man in the mix. I didn’t think they were really going to put an interracial couple on the show and she didn’t want it. It was too close to home.”

The main reason Pompeo didn’t want Isaiah Washington as a partner for Meredith on Grey’s Anatomy was because she is in an interracial relationship in real life and has been married to music producer Chris Ivery since 2007. Instead, he told Rhimes to trade him for Patrick Dempsey.

“I said I wanted that Dempsey boy. I think once Isaiah didn’t get the part, he fell through,” he said.

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