Grey’s Anatomy: What Happened To Eric Dane After His Sad Exit From The Show

One of the most shocking exits from the medical drama Grey’s Anatomy was that of Dr. Mark Sloan, played by Eric Dane. Even though he had a little visit in season 17, fans have been wondering about the actor’s life and what happened after he left.

Throughout its almost 20-year history, the medical series of ABC, Grey’s Anatomy, has seen many characters survive. Some of these departures have caused some controversy, such as when Justin Chambers left the series and his character, Dr. Alex Karev, abruptly ended his job and marriage. However, others who had a sad exit was the actor eric danewho played Dr. Mark Sloane, one of the most recognized faces of the first seasons of the drama.

Grey’s Anatomy: What happened to Eric Dane after deciding to leave the drama

Dr. Mark Sloane first appeared as a guest star in a season two episode Grey’s Anatomy, and was later promoted to guest regular on an episode of the third installment. Mark and Derek Shepherd (patrick dempsey) were childhood friends, although they did not have the best of relationships since Mark was sleeping with Addison (Kate Walsh), Derek’s ex-wife.

Mark’s infamous behavior with women and his manipulative charm earned him the nickname “McSteamy”, which is similar to Derek’s infamous nickname “McDreamy”. Although Mark had a daughter Callie Torres (played by Sarah Ramirez) called Sofia, fans remember him with his serious love Lexie Gray (ChylerLeigh). Sadly, Lexi was killed in a plane crash, which greatly affected Mark, who ended up dying of his injuries in a ninth season episode.

In fact, after Lexie’s unfortunate death, the hospital was renamed Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital in her honor, so some of these two characters are still there. Mark’s departure from Grey’s Anatomy shocked viewers, but it was the actor’s own decision. According to a 2013 interview with Entertainment Weekly, the actor eric dane he left the series because he was “interested in something else”.

Eric Dane is working on the HBO series, Euphoria

That something else was the opportunity to lead the cast of the TNT drama series The Last Ship. He played lead Tom Chandler for all five seasons of the series, and can now be seen as Cal Jacobs on HBO’s teen drama, euphoria. On the other hand, he also participated in the Christian film Redeeming Love, where he played Duke and was released in early 2022.

The fact that Mark died did not prevent the actor eric dane go back to Grey’s Anatomy A few years later. Mark returned for a season 17 episode as a special guest along with Chyler Leigh. Mark and Lexi were the two characters that appeared to Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) on the beach when she was in a coma and fighting a deadly battle against COVID-19.

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