Grey’s Anatomy: What we suspected about Jo Wilson’s fate according to Camilla Luddington

With the shocking turns that actress Camilla Luddington’s character has had on Grey’s Anatomy, Jo Wilson, has decided to talk about a story that she would like to see for her role in the medical drama, especially in a new romance now that Alex no this.

Ever since viewers first met Dr. Jo Wilson (played by Camilla Ludington) in the ninth season of Grey’s Anatomyhe has been seen with very bad luck in love, particularly when it comes to how Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) left her so cruelly, with nothing but a note. However, the final episodes of installment 18 seem to be changing her destiny and the star herself has spoken about it.

Grey’s Anatomy: Will Jo Wilson Get Love For Medical Drama Finale?

Despite the surgeon has remained cheerful in her career and with her daughter Luna, season 18 and 19 could bring a big change for her, especially since the actor arrived Skylar Astin like Todd Eames, where he formed an instant connection with Jo Wilson. Which means fans will be able to enjoy more of Wilson and what he has to offer. prepare the medical drama.

Recall that the output of Justin Chambers as Alex Karev was a blow to Grey’s Anatomy after being in the drama for 15 years in a row. But what was most shocking was the way she ended the character, after it was revealed that Alex went to take care of his mother in Iowa, and simply never came back. After several episodes, to give closure to the character, a goodbye letter was sent to Jo Wilson and Meredith (Ellen Pompeo).

The letter Alex Karev sent revealed that he had met again with Dr. Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl) and their children, definitively abandoning Jo Wilson. However, now the actress Camilla Ludington has revealed in an interview what he expects from the new stories for his character. During an interview for People, the actress Camilla Ludington was revealing some details in the romances that his character Jo Wilson has lived in the medical drama Grey’s Anatomyensuring that she is now ready to move on and forget about the bad things she experienced in the past.

“I feel that [Alex] it went so bad. Like, how could you explain that letter? I feel like Jo has taken time to heal and move on. So I’m ready for that new love journey.”

Grey’s Anatomy: What will happen between Jo Wilson and Todd?

After Alex left, Jo got into a casual situation with Jackson Avery (Jessie Williams) prior to her departure from the show’s 17th season. Later, Jo realized that she had more than friendly feelings for her partner Link (Chris Carmac), but also ended up being a failure when he broke up with her, because he wasn’t looking for anything serious.

However, Jo Wilson definitely seems to be on the mend since she started seeing Todd and according to Camilla Ludingtonalso likes the direction in which his character’s story is going, so he hopes that a real romance will happen between the two for the next season.

“She is dating a great guy now in Skylar Astin. I love working with him. So I’m excited for the stories that [Jo] have right now.”

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