Grey’s Anatomy: What we suspected of the last appearance of one of its protagonists

Grey’s Anatomy fans have been facing strong rumors for some time now that the end of the series is getting closer. A fact that lends itself to nostalgia and to remember that the hope of the return of one of its most iconic characters will not come true.

Although it was a relief for fans of Grey’s Anatomy ABC’s announcement of the renewal of the medical drama for a 19th season does not make them lose sight of the fact that they may be enjoying the last seasons of the famous series that will most likely close its cycle very soon. This suspicion, now almost certain, brings with it the total loss of hope that many of the most iconic characters from the past whose fans clamor for them to make even a special appearance on the show will not happen.

Grey’s Anatomy: Everything seems to indicate that the last appearance of one of its most important characters has already happened

One of her most emblematic and admired characters by the public that from time to time goes viral and explodes on social networks when she is indirectly referred to on Grey’s Anatomy, she has always been the remembered doctor Christina Yangwhich was so masterfully interpreted by the actress sandra oh from the show’s first day on screen in 2005 to its departure in season 10 in 2014.

Although the artist has clarified endlessly that she has closed her cycle with the program, fans had always bet as a consolation on the possibility that the producers would devise some resource on the scene that would place her, even briefly, in the drama. Perhaps resorting to a visual deception that makes them live the illusion of a momentary return, as happened the last time she was officially part of the plot but without the real presence of the artist.

As you may recall, one of the most heartbreaking and iconic scenes in the Grey’s Anatomy series was the funeral of Meredith’s (Ellen Pompeo) husband, Dr. Derek Shepard (Patrick Dempsey) in episode 22 of season 11. The impact of the moment for his fans was magnified when one of his most beloved characters appeared, who was supposed to have officially left the series a installment ago, Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh). It was later learned that in the graveyard scene in the episode called “Ella She Ella’s Leaving Home”, Meredith’s best friend was seen very briefly on stage but through a body double.

Cristina Yang’s last official and fleeting appearance on Grey’s Anatomy

Now that Sandra Oh has also been out of the medical drama for almost 10 years, it has become increasingly forceful by statements from the same actress who prefers to do any other project except a special appearance on the show, to which she contributed so much and that so much professional satisfaction. gave him However, the fact that since her departure the production had managed to include several nods to Cristina to make her have some kind of presence, at least indirectly, had generated the illusion that a miraculous turn could come true.

Now with the rumors coming from different sources fed even by its own protagonist, Ellen Pompeo, that Grey’s Anatomy is living its final seasons, It makes us suspect that the last time we will see a glimpse of Cristina’s presence in the series, it already happened at Derek’s funeral.. Although there is always the possibility that the producers resort to a sequence that places her even briefly in the drama, as happened last time when they used a woman with a complexion very similar to the star who appeared comforting a grieving Meredith.

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