Griñán goes to the Institute of Legal Medicine for a coroner to assess his state of health

José Antonio Griñán, former president of the Junta de Andalucía and sentenced to six years in prison for committing a crime of embezzlement in the ERE case, went today to the Institute of Legal Medicine where, presumably, he will have been underwent a medical examination in order to determine whether or not, due to the illness he suffers from (prostate cancer), he should enter prison.

Let us remember that the Provincial Court of Seville had given a maximum deadline of January 1 to all those convicted for the same reason as those who were involved in this fraudulent aid scheme that caused a hole of almost 700 million euros in public coffers. In fact, six of the eight convicted have already spent their first hours in jail, although José Antonio Griñán asked the Court to stop the execution of his sentence due to suffering from this disease, from which he urgently requested a forensic report to adopt a decision on it.

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04/09/2015 Madrid Jose Antonio Griñan, former president of the Junta de Andalucia, with his lawyer at the entrance of the Supreme Court to testify for the ERE cases Photo Dani Duch

With the medical documentation provided by the convicted person, an IML doctor, according to the order issued by Justice, must assess “whether admission to the prison could have an impact on the development of the disease or on the prescribed treatment”, since, such And as the ex-politician’s defense argues, in case of having to comply with the court ruling, “it could reduce your life expectancy.”

In a similar situation is Agustín Barberá, former Deputy Minister of Empelo, who is pending another forensic medical report after reporting that he suffers from a very serious illness with incurable conditions.

The Court will consult with the Prosecutor’s Office and the PP before announcing its decision

The Court of Seville continues at the expense of receiving that forensic report, although everything indicates that Griñán’s visit to the offices of the Legal Institute of Medicine is one more step for the writing of it. Once the coroner has assessed the situation, he will inform the Court of his determination, after which Justice will ask the Prosecutor’s Office and the PP, represented as popular accusation, to rule on its content, before issuing its decision on the request of the former president Andalusian to suspend his imprisonment.

Until now, the position of the Andalusian PP, once the prisoner’s complicated state of health became known, has been clear: “These are decisions that are in the hands of the courts and must be respected,” the Minister of the Presidency, Antonio Sanz, pointed out today in the same line that the rest of his companions have pronounced. Although everyone is happy that justice is done and an end to a shady case carried out by the PSOE-A, “we have never discussed that humanitarian side that has always been transferred around the person of Griñán by part of his family ”, he pointed out.

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