Groomed eyebrows: how to grow and shape them according to the experts

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shape it

Define the arch (the highest point of the brow, just beyond the iris when looking straight ahead) by plucking a few hairs below it. “The most common mistake I see is that people take too much off the ends,” says Streicher. The eyebrows Short ones look like tadpoles and age our face, as the ends get thinner as we age, he says.

end well

‘It is a sin to shorten long eyebrows and pretty,’ says New York brow stylist Joey Healy. Unless the queues of the eyebrows sink too far below where the heads start (which can cause a drag effect), leave the length alone. Make sure to taper the ends to get a crisp finish.

How to reshape eyebrows that look like commas

Which is a eyebrow in the form of a comma? Basically, it is a eyebrow which has been shaved to the last inch of its life, but only under the arches and at the ends, creating a comma-like effect. But balance can be achieved by filling in the tail of the brow.

“Removing weight from the front will make the tips appear thicker,” says New York brow expert Eliza Petrescu. ‘Your eyebrows they’ll instantly look more natural.’ Lightly fill in with an eyebrow pencil, concentrating the color on the sparser tails.

How to lighten angry eyebrows

The ‘angry eyebrows’ look like an upside down V. This shape can make you look eternally angry, says Gafni.

Avoid the tip

For a gentler effect, remove a few hairs from the top of the bow. “Forget the old rule that you should never wax above your eyebrow,” says Tonya Crooks, founder of The Brow Gal in West Hollywood. “If some hairs are interfering with an ideal shape, they have to go, period.” You can also lightly fill in the area directly below the tip to soften its angularity.

focus on the front

Using a toothbrush, comb the inner half of your eyebrows and trim the hairs that extend beyond the top. (Those front hairs can get really long and make your brows look thicker than they will after a little trimming.)

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