Grupo Frontera in the Zocalo: it will be the concert on September 15

Members of Grupo Frontera during a concert in the United States on May 27, in an image shared on their social networks.

Mexico is preparing to celebrate 213 years since the beginning of the war of independence. As every year, the Zocalo will be the center of popular festivities with music, fireworks and El Grito, a civic ceremony that recreates the speech of Miguel Hidalgo that sparked the armed movement. During his morning conference, Andrés Manuel López Obrador put forward part of the patriotic celebrations program in the nation’s capital.

What time is El Grito de Independencia?

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador will go to the presidential balcony of the National Palace at 11:00 p.m. to deliver the fifth and final cry of his administration, the last before the 2024 elections that will determine who will succeed him in office. decision made. Post. Like every year, the commemoration will end with the national anthem and a fireworks display.

Grupo Frontera in the Zocalo

The meteoric career of Grupo Frontera, a regional Mexican band born in 2022 on the north bank of the river that divides McAllen (Texas) and Reynosa (Tamaulipas), will reach a new peak on the night of September 15, when they will perform for the first time. in Mexico City’s Zocalo at 10:00 p.m. After a break for a ceremony of chanting the Azadi slogan, the group would sing again for another hour, a performance that would last the first few minutes of 16 September.

However, activity on the main stage begins at 7:00 pm with the appearance of over 850 children from Creative Seedbed, an artistic training program of the Ministry of Culture that includes performing and visual arts as well as traditional cultural expressions . Such as cloth, embroidery, pottery and traditional toy making.

Grupo Frontera gained notoriety in Mexico and the Southern United States in 2022 with its Banda version Not leaving, from the Colombian pop group Morat. In April 2023, the quintet stormed the global charts for the first time since its release one x100to, a northern cumbia that introduced Bad Bunny to the Mexican regional phenomenon and brought the quintet to a hitherto unknown audience. Six months later, in the middle of a tour that includes more than 40 performances in Mexico and the United States, Grupo Frontera will perform at night in the country’s main public square, in collaboration with artists such as Featherweight, Junior H or Grupo Firme. of the celebration of independence.

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