Grupo Orlegi has three interested parties in the Tampico franchise

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Orlegi Group announced that The Tampico franchise will no longer operate on the Expansion Leagueand this property will have two ways: either they sell it either failing that They send her to Guadalajara or Torreón.

Given the impossibility of continuing to operate at the Wild Crab in his place of origin, a close source assured halftime what Grupo Orlegi has three interested in buying this franchiseand in that they work with the intention of reaching an agreement.

In case of no salethe Jaiba could end up in Guadalajara as a subsidiary of the Atlas in the same Expansion League or in its effect as Santos Laguna branch in Torreon.

Orlegi operated the Jaiba Brava for 6 yearswhere they found a lot of learning and currently it is difficult to follow the operation.

The same source confirmed that part of the problem is that the stadium had to do many improvements since in past years the structure was damaged with a north, but not being part of the group they decided do not inject money; the Jaiba Brava house belongs to the Oilmen’s Union, who gave the property on loan to Orlegi. Nor was it due to security problems in Tamaulipas, since there was never any altercation.

Much was said about the possibility of taking the franchise to Chiapas to revive the Jaguarsoh Guadalajara to make it Tecos of the UAG, but neither of them were options.

Academics, an option

Academics could be one of the optionsmove the franchise to Guadalajara and maintain it as a subsidiary, the players would fall there of the Foxes and of Santos Laguna that they do not enter into plans in Liga MXas well as elements that intend to fire up to upload them in the future.

Will be between May 15 or 20 when the movement becomes official with any of the two panoramas, since in that period the Ascent League Assembly.

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