GTA + and the future of Grand Theft Auto, where are we going?

The announcement of GTA+ Last March 25th aroused an enormous curiosity in me. It’s not a subscription program for me, but I do think it could be the ultimate test for Rockstar Games in shaping GTA 6’s long-term vision; or whatever the new video game in the saga ends up being called.

There are companies whose new releases are not just premieres, but events. We will agree that the arrival of a new Grand Theft Auto in stores is always a reason for the industry, in general, to look askance and take note of what can move the medium forward. Because it has been like this many times. If five years ago they had told me that GTA 5 was going to sell more than 160 million copies worldwide, I would have asked to be pinched. But the reality is that. And he has a reason…, or many. Give a successor to that bombshell it will not be easy.

“The success of the next Grand Theft Auto is cooking now, with GTA Online”

I feel like the success of the next Grand Theft Auto is brewing now, with GTA Online. A title turned into the instruction manual of the project called to become a persistent game platform, in constant evolution, alive. Apart from the changes, technological innovations in artificial intelligence, destructible environments, interaction or role play that introduces this sixth episode of the series, there is something that will not be missing: an online mode as a service. There is a definite market for it and Rockstar is testing the loyalty of its players with this subscription.

GTA+ was born as a loyalty program in which PS5 and Xbox Series players will have access to a monthly deposit of 500,000 GTA$; added to exclusive bonuses, vehicles and many other incentives so that you do not stop visiting this virtual universe of Los Santos. Things don’t stop happening in GTA Online, even when we’re not playing. Will GTA 6 be born like this from day one?

At the moment, the relationship between the consumer and the product does not end in the storewhen we bought the game. Companies wage a constant pulse for our attention, for our time, and to achieve this, reasons are needed. It may sound strange to someone to draw a parallel between GTA Online and an MMORPG of a lifetime, but if we look one by one at the elements that make up this successful title, the differences are not so many.

GTA 6 will be an innovative video game from which I expect many things; especially in experience single player. However, its world building and mechanics will go hand in hand with those of multiplayer. Epic Games has managed to make Fortnite a persistent world with undeniable success. If Rockstar Games manages to enrich the individual mode wrapped in state-of-the-art technology and brings to the online mode everything that its public asks for, perhaps we can talk about a title with the potential to last a whole decade. So it has been with the fifth of the family.

Many questions on the table and, for now, few answers. GTA Online leads the wayI do not have doubts about it.

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