GTA is suing It Takes Two, for a surreal reason

There are stories in the world of video games that, at times, leave us surprised to say the least, and today’s one sees GTA vs It Takes Two.

What will the harmless title of Josef Fares ever do that, indeed, he contributed to develop a type of gameplay and game design that we have always seen little?

The cooperative video game also proved to be a great success, beyond all expectations, ed it struck the public and critics unanimously.

It Takes Two also managed to earn a very important place among the games of the year, because it is one of the candidates for the most important awards of the next The Game Awards.

So why GTA he’s getting mad at It Takes Two? What has this harmless and hilarious video game done wrong? The problem is his name.

Josef Fares’ title has a name that closely resembles Take-Two, the publisher of Grand Theft Auto among others and, absurd as it may seem to you, the company has complained about this.

As reported Eurogamer, the publisher did match a lawsuit of copyright infringement against It Takes Two. A lawsuit that began with the release of the title, which emerged only today.

Take-Two would push several times because Hazelight, Josef Fares’ development team, was forced to abandon the property of the name “It Takes Two”.

Hazelight commented briefly on the story, communicating the hope that the matter can be resolved easily. Moreover, Take-Two didn’t force Josef Fares to change the name of his video game, but has requested to abandon the ownership?

What does it mean? If the ruling is in Take-Two’s favor (this story is confusing, I know), Hazelight can let the name always be that, but she won’t be able to defend It Takes Two in case someone tries to ask for a change of name for copyright infringement.

A truly surreal story made up of bureaucracies and legal disputes, which will become even more absurd if the game wins the title of GOTY during The Game Awards.

A ceremony in which we will see many new titles, and some have already been confirmed.

If you don’t know It Takes Two we advise you to recover it. To find out how it is, you can consult our video review.

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