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It will no longer be Tyler Bates who will do the soundtrack for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, but another composer.

This was revealed by James Gunn in a recent interview:

After this interview I will have to hear some of the John Murphy written music that we will play on the film set… I guess I just spoiled that John Murphy will be in charge of the Guardians soundtrack. Here is a scoop.

Gunn worked with Murphy recently for The Suicide Squad – Suicide mission. He then confirmed on Twitter the setting year of the third film, which will be the present:

We remind you that during Disney’s Investor Day (all the details), the film division of the House of Ideas announced the various projects in the pipeline between cinema and TV. On the subject Guardians of the Galaxy it was explained that, during the filming of the third film, a Christmas Special written and directed by James Gunn will also be shot, which will be proposed on Disney + at Christmas 2022, or shortly before the release of the film at the cinema, scheduled for May 5, 2023.

What do you think? How long are you waiting for this new Marvel cinecomic signed by James Gunn? As always, tell us yours in the comments below!


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