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Waiting for the new and last installment of Guardians of the Galaxy is nearing its end and, to commemorate the last trip of these protectors of the universe, the team traveled to Paris to celebrate the farewell of Star Lord and his companions in Europe, where they presented a film more “gross” than previous installments.

“In the last 11 years I think I’ve spent 60% of my time thinking about ‘Guardians of the Galaxy.’ It’s taken over my whole life, now there’s a weird situation where I have to adapt my world to something other than the Guardians. It’s hard, but frankly, also a huge relief, to have finished the trilogy and to have done it in a way that we’re proud of.” pondered James Gunndirector and scriptwriter of the saga, before the press.

In “Guardians of the Galaxy. Volume 3″, the main focus this time will be Rocket, the raccoon played by Bradley Cooperto explore the unknown past of the character, the result of a series of scientific experiments, which brings to the fore the cruelty of animal experimentation.

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“The story speaks of empathy with all living creatures,” Gunn explained, stressing the need to “be aware that (animals) have feelings and that they experience pain.”

The director now assures that it was this new approach that made him return to Disney, which fired him in 2018 when controversial comments he made on Twitter in 2009 came to light.

“It was very important, the reason I chose to make this movie and come back to it is because I felt a deep need to finish the Rocket story,” assured the director, who defends that telling it “implies adding brutal elements” to the film.

“But I’m also careful not to show everything, I think a lot of the brutal stuff in the movie is more in your mind than what you actually see,” added.

The hard past of this character, together with the grief of Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) after Gamora’s deathZoe Saldana), will bring a darker tone to this new film, which still continues with its classic humorous tone and an iconic soundtrack that will accompany the characters throughout the story.

The delivery means a farewell to the guardians, something very emotional for all of them after a decade of work.

“In a lot of movies you have idiots you have to deal with, you have a bunch of problems, people argue behind the scenes and you would never find out. Not the case in this movie. The relationships with each one of the people have been for me the most pleasant part of playing this character.” expressed Chris Pratt.

Some confessed to journalists having “borrowed” some objects from the set as souvenirs from recent years, although some were more daring than others.

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Thus, while Pom Klementieff (Mantis) explained that he took a grinder and Zoe Saldaña said that he only keeps posters and sweatshirts for fear of reprisals from Marvel, Chris Pratt calmly admitted his extensive collection of objects from the universe Marvelfrom accessories to decorations, and even the first complete Star Lord uniform, which he would later use to visit children in hospitals.

The film, a farewell to this unusual family of heroes, will arrive in Spain and Latin America on May 4, and in the United States on May 5.

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