Gucci Beauty invites Miley Cyrus to Roblox.

On the occasion of the release of her fragrance Gucci Flora Gorgeous Jasminethe luxury house has imagined a variation of its campaign featuring the American singer in the hit network game.

Miley Cyrus, ambassador for Gucci Town.

Last May, the Gucci house inaugurated its virtual city within the Roblox universe, determined to familiarize players with the brand’s universe and to strengthen the community feeling around it through various conversational tools among which a café-forum.

These days, the aptly named Gucci Town – which has generated more than 31 million visits since its launch – is hosting a new beauty-focused initiative, a first of its kind for the Florentine label which, until now, had essentially focused its metaverse strategy on the fashion segment.

For this operation, Gucci has bet here on the incarnation by imagining a series of mini-challenges animated by the avatar of Miley Cyrus, official ambassador of the perfume. While players, by completing these challenges, have the opportunity to reap rewards – essentially digital goodies – they can also take selfies alongside the singer’s digital alter-ego.

The device also incorporates a virtual store inspired by a physical pop-up dedicated to the fragrance or new digital products available from the Gucci Town store, including a Flora bottle that the avatars can carry like a backpack.

gucci perfume beauty roblox
©Gucci Beauty

In the first quarter of 2022, Roblox would have concentrated more than 54.1 million active players every day, a figure up by +28% compared to last year. More than 67% of players would be aged under 16 and 25% under 9, thus confirming the interest of luxury houses for new generations of consumers.

This new incursion by Gucci into Web3 comes as the house has also just inaugurated a mobile game, more open to the general public, showcasing its recent collaboration with the sports equipment manufacturer Adidas.

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