Gucci loafers return with the classic trend of fall 2022

What do Queen Elizabeth II, Jane Birkin and Dakota Johnson have in common? Response: classic moccasin shoesespecially the traditional model of the Gucci signature.

Some elegant shoes that we now consider a classic in women’s and men’s wardrobes, but that by tradition, were actually born for casual use.

Loafers were born as a comfortable and casual shoessince they did not have laces and were first manufactured in suede, until reaching the version that we know in soft leather.

They were especially appreciated by students in the 30s of the last century, becoming one of the symbols of the preppy style. They became popular in Europe from 1926, when the King George VI (Elizabeth II’s father) commissioned some comfortable shoes (precisely without laces) to wear them in your country residence.

It was not, then, until the Italian firm created its own loafers, that these became popular throughout the world. And it is that the history of these shoes, since 1953, is inextricably linked to the house with the double ‘G’ logo.

Since then, they have become a cult piece, loved by celebrities and royalty alike, and offered in a multitude of colors (even bright) and exotic materials.

The history of buckled loafers

In 1953 and Aldo Gucci, son of the founder of the brand, Guccio Gucci, had the ambition to expand the family business abroad. A trip to New York turned out to be illuminating: There he realizes that many upper-class Americans wear comfortable loafersso, back at the Italian headquarters, he decides to enter the world of footwear starting precisely from this model.

It was about casual and practical shoes which represented an elegant fashion option to the needs of a modern society that was changing its lifestyle.

What would make these Gucci loafers for women and men (the famous Jordaan) iconic is their equestrian piece: A small horse buckle, baptized as horsebit) placed on the instep.

Gucci Jordaan loafers in black leather with horsebit.


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